Youngest and Oldest tennis champions

by on July 4, 2010
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Youngest and Oldest tennis champions

Tennis is an old sport with increasing number of new players. It has produced both young and old champions throughout its history. Many players after a gap of sometime, made through to the tennis world again and set records by winning the championships. Here are some of the youngest and oldest tennis champions in singles and doubles format of the tennis championships:

Youngest male/female winners in Singles/Doubles/Mix tennis championship:

In 1985, the youngest player to have become champion in men’s singles was 17 year old German player Boris F. Becker. Among the ladies singles was Britain’s 15 year old Miss C. Dod who became the youngest champion in 1887. In men’s doubles, USA’s 18 year old R. D. Ralston became the world champion in 1960. The youngest women’s doubles champion was 15 year old Martina Hinguis of Switzerland. She became champion in 1996. In mixed doubles was Australia’s 21 year old R. G. Laver and USA’s 16 year old Serena Williams who became champions in 1959 and 1998 respectively.

Oldest male/female winners in Singles/Doubles/Mix tennis championship:

Britain’s 41 years old A. W. Gore and 37 year old A. Sterry were the oldest champions in tennis history among men and women in 1909 and 1908 respectively. USA’s 43 year old G. P. Mulloy and 42 year old E. M. Ryan were the oldest champions in men’s doubles and women’s doubles respectively. They won these championships in the years 1957 and 1934 respectively. In mixed doubles, the oldest champions were USA’s 46 year old M. Navratilova and 42 year old S. E. Stewart. They became world champions in 2003 and 1988 respectively.

Records are meant to be broken. So let’s see who else will make his/her way in these records!

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