Women on Garros winning single titles

by on June 2, 2010
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Women, with their sporty and ravishing looks, dressed in beautiful outfits have been playing on Garros since 1897. Though it’s hard to play on clay, women came out to be really strong and have been setting records on Garros. Women tennis stars add up colors to the clay court by their ravishing and vivid outfits which are always a treat to watch.

Like men, women tennis players have set the records on Garros by winning the most single and consecutive single titles as well. Players like Henin, Steffi and Chris Evert have shown absolutely amazing tennis skills and incredible wins on the clay court. Let’s have a flashback in these two categories.

Winner of most Women’s singles titles on Garros

Era before 1968

The legendary player Suzanne Lenglen claimed six singles titles of Garros.

Era after 1967

Chris Evert broke the record of Suzanne by wining seven single titles. No one in the present time is even close to her record.

Winner of most consecutive women’s singles titles

Era before 1968

It’s again the legendary player Suzanne Lenglen who won the consecutive Roland Garros singles titles from 1920-1923.

Era after 1967

Justine Henin, the present clay queen, has been able to win three consecutive Garros titles from year 2005-2007. Henin has immense potential on clay and is surely going to make use of her caliber to win the maximum Garros titles.

Presently, the players who have the potential to lead on clay are Henin and Kuznetsova. Keep watching the Garros event every year to know how far these ladies will have gone in the event.


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  1. john says:

    well, this years the woman turnament has a surprising winner! who would have bet on Schiavone, or even Stosur?

    it’s magical of sport, and congratulations to them

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