Top ten mixed doubles with most titles in Wimbledon Tennis

by on December 10, 2010
in Grand Slam: Wimbledon

Top ten mixed doubles with most titles in Wimbledon Tennis, Andy Ram / Vera Zvonareva

The Wimbledon Championships Mixed Doubles tournament was introduced in 1913. The mixed doubles is an interesting tennis game that requires a male and female tennis player to pair up and play against a similar pair. The Wimbledon Championships Mixed Doubles tournament has seen a lot of finalists in the years since 1913. The outcome of the mixed doubles is the championship and the runner-up place. The Wimbledon mixed doubles has seen some of the brilliant and greatest tennis players come together to provide a great feast to the audience. Wimbledon Mixed Doubles has surged in popularity to a greater extent in recent times and have come to become one of the interesting tennis series watched by a large crowd throughout the world. The Mixed Double tennis championships require a great deal of coordination among the pair to do well. They need to be a complete control on the game and a thorough understanding about the game plan. The pair must know when to intervene and when not to. Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Championship is no doubt a tougher game than the Single Championship. If either of the players loses the focus in the game then the game will go for a loss. There are some good pairs who have spread across their dazzling performance together and have carved their way to be in the top. Given below is the top ten lists of famous tennis players’ pairs who have won most titles in the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Series.

  1. M Mirhyi (Rus) & S Williams
  2. L Paes & L Raymond
  3. D Johnson & K Po
  4. L Friedl & D Hantuchova
  5. M Bhupathi & E Likhovtseva
  6. L Paes & M Navratilova
  7. Wayne Black / Cara Black
  8. Mahesh Bhupathi / Mary Pierce
  9. Andy Ram / Vera Zvonareva
  10. Jamie Murray / Jelena Jankovi

These pairs have a great coordination and have won several games together. They have gained  the most number of titles in the mixed doubles category in the Wimbledon Championship.

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