Top ten males who have won most titles in tennis

by on December 10, 2010
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Top ten males who have won most titles in tennis, ilie-nastase-

For a normal person, asset has a common meaning but for a tennis player titles are the greatest asset they strive to get. Winning a title marks the victory of the players and in most cases are the stepping stone to reach out to the next level of playing. There are some famous male tennis players who have crossed this mark and have attained greater and unreachable heights in tennis by winning record number of titles. The list given below comprises of the top ten best male tennis players who have achieved the greatest and unreachable position by gaining the most number of titles in their career span in tennis. These immaculate men have proved their mettle by winning on different surfaces that include clay , grass  and  hard court. It is imperative that a tennis player should tone his play according to the requirements of these different kinds of court surfaces. Each court requires an altogether different approach and winning the titles in all the categories is proof of the versatility of these players. These men have tactfully managed the game and have taken the tennis world to a better level with their inimitable style. In short, these ten greatest tennis players are the rocking men in tennis.

  1. John McEnroe
  2. Jimmy Connors
  3. Ilie Năstase
  4. Ivan Lendl
  5. Roger Federer
  6. Pete Sampras
  7. Todd Woodbridge
  8. Brian Gottfried
  9. Raúl Ramírez
  10. Guillermo Vilas

These players have won championships in different settings and are considered to be some of the most versatile players of all time. The Grand Slam comprises of four major tournaments in tennis. The French Open Men`s Championship, the Australian Open Men`s Championship, the US Open Men`s Championship and the Wimbledon Men`s Championship games. These single’s tournaments are definitely a tough thing to win but there are few men who have had a continuous wins.


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