Top ten male tennis players of French Open-All time

Top ten male tennis players of French Open-All time, René Lacoste

French Open Championship is one of the prestigious tournaments in the world. It is held in Paris, France. The French Open Tennis has got lot of popularity and is followed by a large number of the crowd throughout the world. It has been very well proved that winning a French Championship tournament will greatly influence the tennis players’ carrier as it is considered to be a tough game in comparison to all other tournaments in tennis. French Open tournaments are always played on the clay court which calls for an extra edge over the game as it is not an easy affair to win over the tournament in a clay court. The court lowers the ball and increases the bouncing capacity of the ball thereby making it an absolutely swift game. Since the ball bounces with great speed the player must be really good to spot the turn of the ball and should be prepared for any surprise moves. Overall, French Open tournaments are considered to be one tournament that demands a great deal of physical activities. The players need to have an absolute control over themselves and the ground and needs to be amazingly fast to acheive victory on the championship ground. The top ten men in French Open Championship are listed below:

  1. Max Decugis
  2. Björn Borg
  3. Henri Cochet
  4. Rafael Nadal
  5. Paul Aymé
  6. André Vacherot
  7. Maurice Germot
  8. Gustavo Kuerten
  9. René Lacoste
  10. Ivan Lendl

This bunch of amazing male players have proved their mettle in clay court games  and in turn have carved their way  to the Championship positions that they hold today. The commitment and the kind of zeal and passion they showed towards the game have brought them to be in the list of top ten championships of all times in the tough game of French Open Single’s Championship.

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