Top ten male tennis players-All time

by on December 10, 2010
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Roger Federer

Tennis is one game that has gleaned the attention of a large crowd throughout the world. The positions and titles keep changing with time, but there are few who stay in the tennis history forever. These few are those who are completely looked up to for their style of playing and the control they have over themselves when it comes to the game. Achieving a position in the top ten lists is not an easy affair at all. Some of the legends in tennis has strived hard, yes really hard to catch a place for them in the elite list of top most tennis players in the tennis category. Below is the list of the top ten best players in the world of tennis in the male category. The listing is made as per the ranking.The top ten male players in tennis who have played well throughout and are considered as the best players of all time are listed here.

  1. Roger Federer
  2. Pete Sampras
  3. Roy Emerson
  4. Rod Laver
  5. Björn Borg
  6. Rafael Nadal
  7. Ken Rosewall
  8. Jimmy Connors
  9. Ivan Lendl
  10. Andre Agassi

The players are all from different countries and backgrounds but they all are here because of a common feeling, ‘love for tennis’. They brought tennis up and in turn tennis brought them up here. These tennis players have performed at different surfaces and have shown immense potential. Roger Federer is still the dominating champion of the current era with his 16 grand slam titles. Currently, Nadal and Djokovic have been challenging the King Federer which the King has tried to conquer with his absolute performance. 

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