Top ten male doubles players with most titles at Wimbledon Tennis

by on December 10, 2010
in Grand Slam: Wimbledon

Top ten male doubles players with most titles at Wimbledon Tennis, William Renshaw/Ernest Renshaw

Doubles Championship at Wimbledon tennis tournaments are as popular and interesting as the singles Wimbledon tournaments. Playing doubles in Wimbledon mandates a great amount of coordination and understanding between the two partners. Winning a doubles Championship in tennis is a greater achievement than individual victory. Doubles category needs a great amount of dedication, determination and perseveration from both the players. It requires a great deal of brilliance and immediate response to any kind of movements. Doubles Championship in Wimbledon may be a mixed category where a male and female have to be partners in the game both sides. In the other type of doubles, the game is played between a set of two male tennis players or two female tennis players each side. They are called the ladies’ doubles, gentlemen’s doubles and mixed doubles. There are many hit pairs in the doubles tennis category. In spite of the presence of a greater pool of players only a select few seasoned players who had paired up were able to make it to the top ten lists in the Wimbledon Doubles’ Championship. Given below is the top ten pairs of male doubles tennis Champions with most titles in the Wimbledon Doubles Championship.

  1. William Renshaw/Ernest Renshaw
  2. Wilfred Baddeley-Herbert Baddeley
  3. Reggie Doherty/Laurie Doherty
  4. Peter Fleming/John McEnroe
  5. Todd Woodbridge/Mark Woodforde
  6. John Newcombe/Tony Roche
  7. Ken McGregor/Frank Sedgman
  8. Rex Hartwig/Mervyn Rose
  9. Ken Flach/Robert Seguso
  10. Bob Hewitt/Fred Stolle

These pair of players is the toppers and has a large number of titles and victories to their credits. These hit pairs have proved to be a reliable set of players and have showcased a great deal of coordination and understanding which is very necessary for winning the doubles Wimbledon championship. These set of men had played together and have won a record by bagging the most titles in the Wimbledon tennis.

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