Top ten female players with most titles in Wimbledon Tennis

by on December 10, 2010
in Grand Slam: Wimbledon

Steffi Graf, Top ten female players with most titles in Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the oldest form of tennis  signified by its play surface. Wimbledon Championship tournaments are played in the grass court surface. Grass courts are the oldest form of courts and Wimbledon, without doubt, is played over the grass surfaces. Wimbledon games have gleaned a great amount of interest and crowds throughout the world. Winning a single Wimbledon title is considered to be an esteemed thing. Winning a lot of titles is definitely the greatest achievement. It is one of the popular tournaments in tennis that is played annually. Playing in a grass court surface itself is a difficult facet in the first place. The tennis players who wish to play in the grass surface needs a special kind of flair in them. Otherwise, they cannot survive in the grass court field. Every player finds playing in the grass court area a challenge in itself, leave alone other factors. It needs a higher level of commitment and fervor in order to win the Wimbledon title. Greatest female tennis players like that of Serena and Steffi Graf have mastered the Wimbledon games tournament and have set several records and statistics that will be hard to reach or beat for several decades to come. You can find below the list of great women who have handled the situation to win most titles in the Wimbledon Championship tournaments. The top ten lists are given below:

  1. Martina Navratilova
  2. Helen Wills Moody
  3. DorotheaDorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers
  4. Steffi Graff
  5. Blanche Bingley
  6. Billie Jean King
  7. Suzanne Lenglen
  8. Charlotte Cooper Sterry
  9. Lottie Dod
  10. Venus Williams

These women took the prominent positions as top players who had made it to the Wimbledon finals and have come out successfully lot of times in their whole tennis career period by winning the most number of titles in the Wimbledon tennis tournaments held each year.

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