Top 3 Wimbledon Record Holders – Men

Top 3 Wimbledon Record Holders - Men, Federer_Borg_Laver_Sampras

Wimbledon has been ruled by many classic and magnificent legendary and famous tennis players over the years. The records have been set in single, doubles and mixed titles in Wimbledon. Few of the records have been surpassed by the new generation players with energy and passion, while other records are still maintained in Wimbledon. The top three male tennis players who ruled the Wimbledon grass are William Renshaw, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.

William Renshaw is the greatest tennis player who made his mark by winning seven Grand Slams of Wimbledon. Due to Renshaw’s outstanding performance, this era was referred to as ‘Renshaw Rush’.

Pete Sampras, an American tennis player, along with winning 14 Grand Slams, claimed seven Wimbledon single titles and leveled Renshaw’s record. Sampras was included into the 2007 class of the International Tennis Hall of Fame on July 17, 2007 due to his exemplary play.

Swiss best tennis player Roger Federer, known as the King Roger is the best player of the new generation as he has been able to record 16 Grand Slam wins comprising five Wimbledon wins as well. He secures the third place in Wimbledon records. King Roger has been able to level the record of Bjorn Borg by winning five consecutive Wimbledon Grand Slams.

Sampras still have many records which might be surpassed by a player like Roger in the future, as King Federer is the master when it comes to the grass court. In the recent time, Djokovic has made his way into best players and won the Wimbledon title, breaking down the winning streak of Federer. 

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