The greatest tennis rivalries: Sampras vs Agassi

The greatest tennis rivalries: Sampras vs Agassi

Having a precise look at one of biggest rivalries of tennis circuit between the greatest tennis players Sampras and Agassi, our aim is to make the decision easy for our tennis lovers to have a clearer view of who has the edge between them? Sampras and Agassi for being from the same country, the USA not only enjoyed the tennis rivalry but also the an American vs American rivalry too. Both these players were able to rank No. 1 on the ATP rankings during their careers. Here is a comparison based on the career statistics of Sampras and Agassi:

Here are some general facts:

Players Agassi Sampras
Date of Birth: 29-Apr-70 12-Aug-71
Country: United States United States
Height: 5′ 11″ (180 cm) 6 ft 1 inch
Career Singles Titles: 60 64
Career Doubles Titles: 1 2
Career Prize Money: $31 million $43 million
Career record (singles): 870-274 762-222
Highest ranking (singles): 1 1

Sampras held the world’s No. 1 seat for a record 286 weeks while Agassi held it for 101 weeks. They faced each other 34 times, with Sampras having the edge by 20-14. Playing against each other in Grand Slam is the best way to judge both of them, and the stats again went in favor of Sampras leading the table by 4-1. But despite of this, they remained good friends.

Sampra’s career statistics:

Agassi’s career statistics:

Even though Sampras was and is considered as the legend of tennis but one can notice from the statistics that he was never able to show his ability on clay court and didn’t win even a single title at French Open. Agassi however was able to claim only one French Open title in his career.


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