The Best Female French Tennis Players

The Best Females French Tennis Players

Alize Cornet

As we can see that in the open era France has created a elongated list of modest women tennis players, laterally with some candidates, a few top ten, numerous Hall of Famers and only one got in French Open champion. Collectively they make up a strong and the best French women tennis players in the global.

The initial round for inaugural acts to the foremost show, putting up a decent competition through their profession to let the tennis world know that they are present, whereas leaving behind the ever disappearing streak of their slight tennis accomplishments. The field comprises Wimbledon which was the quarterfinalist in the Pascale Paradis, Amelie Cocheteux was in top fifty players, Emilie Loit was a 16 year veteran, Julie Coin is the word number beater, Anne-Gaelle Sidot as six time semi-finalist, and Alexandra Fusai former 37th ranked player in the world. It is said about the Contenders that they are good enough to play occasionally but they always lose the match afterwards, Following is the list of French Tennis Player contenders:

  1. Alize Cornet.
  2. Aravane Rezai.
  3. ATatiana Golovin.

Following French Tennis Players are included in The Top Ten:

  1. Marion Bartoli.
  2. Nathalie Dechy.
  3. Julie Halard-Decugis.
  4. Sandrine Testud.

Hall of Famers includes Nathalie Tauziat. She was said to be a late bloomer on the proficient course, she waited for her 32nd birthday so she could gain number three ranking. The subsequent year she produces her finest impressive bang results, while playing in the finals of the US Open Tournaments and also the Wimbledon semifinals.  In her 18-year career she played eight singles titles, and over six zillion dollars. Mary Pierce was comprised in the Hall of Famers. She has the unique glowering tennis duchess with the hair that always wanted modification. She had a great career, which comprises two grand slam titles at Australia Roland and Garros; she also entered in US Open finals. If Mary had ever held the number one ranking, she would have been one of the exceptional French woman tennis players. But even she won the title at Roland Garros in her recommence, her emotional relationship with France, ruined her achievements in the eyes of her compatriots. Amelie Mauresmo was also included in the Hall of Famers. She gone through the finals but loosed to Martina Hingis. Amelie at all times took the high road and let her game to speak for her. Yep, it was a career that fell short because of its full latent, generally due to feeble mental strength; but still Amelie is the best French women tennis player. Her number one ranking, appearance in Australia finals and with two grand slams victories seals her rank in the archives of French tennis history.

France’s tennis skill started with innovator Francoise Durr and has subsequently remained a robust force in women’s tennis, continually creating new stars in each period.  But it is seen that new crop of French Female players are emerging and continuing the French women tennis legacy.



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