The Association of Tennis Professionals

by on March 19, 2009
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The Association of Tennis Professionals

The Association of Tennis Professionals, or the ATP as it is more commonly known, came into existence in the 1972. It was basically formed to protect the rights of male professional tennis players’. This association was responsible for the inspiration which helped in the organization of the principal worldwide tour for male players since 1990. This is called the ATP Tour and was renamed in January of 2009 as the ATP World Tour. This is an improvement on the previous championships known as the World Championship Tennis.

The executive office of the ATP are based in London and has got its offices in every continent such as ATP Americas, ATP Europe and the ATP International which is responsible for overlooking the tennis in Asia, Africa and Australia. The ATP Tour is inclusive of a lot of tournaments which span the entire year. Some of them can be enlisted as the Grand Slams, ATP World Tour 500 Series, ATP World Tour 250 Series and the like.

There have been a few changes which took place in 2009 such as the Master’s Cup which has been renamed as the 1000 Cup while the gold events have been renamed as the 500 and 250 Cups. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) updates the male professional tennis players rankings every month with a detailed review. 

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