Tennis techniques and skills: Backhand

by on February 27, 2010
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Backhand Tennis technique, Roger Federer

Tennis is an art of playing shots and services with sheer power, expert skill and mental as well as physical toughness. One needs to master all the shots of this game in order to become a champion. If only a particular shot is a weakness of a player, it is exploited to the full by the opposition. Here, let us learn about playing the backhand shot in the game of tennis. The backhand shot is played by swinging the racquet around the player’s body with the direction where a player wants the ball to go. For a left-handed player, backhand shot start at the right hand side of the body, swings around while hitting the ball and finishes at the left hand side of the body. It is exactly the opposite for the right-handed players, as it starts at the left hand side of the body, swings across and ends at the right hand side of the body.

Because of the reason that player’s main hand is pulled into the shot, the backhand shot generally lacks consistency and power and it is considered to be one of the most difficult shots to master. Backhand shots can be played either with a single-hand or double-handed Double-hand backhand shots apply more power and accuracy in comparison to single-hand backhand shot.

In the current players, Roger Federer is renowned for his absolutely fantastic backhand. The confidence in his backhand has been his greatest strength and he still displays brilliant game by surprising his opponents. 

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