Tennis skills and techniques: Service in Tennis

by on February 27, 2010
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Tennis skills and techniques: Service in Tennis

Service, also known as serve, is a shot to start a point in tennis. The service is started by tossing up the ball and hitting it in the diagonal service box in the oppositions court without touching the net. Generally, services are played overhead but that can also be played underarm. The service is the only time when a player can have some time to set up instead of returning the ball against the shot from opposite court. The service is a kind of shot that can be very tough for a new player to the game but once this art is mastered it can win many points for a player. The service can be used as an offensive weapon for the professional players and they are expected to win many points through their services.

A professional player generally does master the art of a tennis service and try to learn more and more Ace services. An ace service is a shot that is played with such power and distance that in spite of being an official service, the opposition player cannot return the shot on the service. This kind of service is considered to be the best service. In order to deliver a legal service a player can have two chances. If a player does a wrong service twice, it is considered to be a double-fault and point is awarded to the opposition.

Players like Agassi, Federer, Sampras, Ivan Lendl, Edberg etc were known for their superb serves. These players have won series of grand slams due to their excellent serve. 

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