Tennis skills and techniques: Playing at Net

by on February 27, 2010
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playing at the tennis net

Tennis is a game of skill, sheer power, mental as well as physical toughness and some playing strategies are needed with which a player can become a champion. It is always necessary to master the art of playing tennis shots as well as covering the entire tennis court to play a very good game of tennis. The modern tennis players like to play the tennis from the baseline (or at the end of the court) but there are certain shots that should be played from the net in order to win the points. Here, we can look at the art of playing tennis from the net.

It is not possible to play tennis entirely at the net; there are certain players who prefer to play the ball from net after replying the service. Generally, these are the players that have a strong volley. Volleying is best while playing from the net. Apart from this, there are certain players who like to play the serve-and-volley game and such players play the game from the nets. In this case, a player serves the ball from the baseline and immediately comes to the net in order to return the volley on reply of the service from the opposition player. Playing the game from net can give an advantage of playing drop shots from the net. If the art of playing the tennis from net can be mastered, it can win many points for a player. Playing at net makes a game very interesting and thrilling as the drop shots change the entire game plan and usually take the opponent by surprise!

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