Tennis skills and techniques: Playing at Baseline

by on February 27, 2010
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Playing at the baseline

Tennis is a game of sheer skill, power, and physical and mental toughness. One needs to master every single shot and have to decide on different strategies in order to win the game. A player should also learn about playing the shots across the ground with fluency. Let us look at the strategy of how to play from the baseline. Baseline is a mark or a line where a tennis-court length ends and the art of playing tennis from the end of the court is known to as playing baseline tennis. A player who plays this tennis is known as a baseliner.

Typically, there are two types of baseline players, Aggressive or offensive baseline play (known as aggressive baseliner) or defensive baseline play (defensive baseliner). An aggressive baseliner plays shots from the baseline with a power (or aggression) such that an opposition player cannot return the ball, whereas defensive baseliners return every ball without much power and relies on mistakes made by the opposition. But that does not also mean that they never play an offensive baseline stroke. Offensive baseliners generally have at least one ground stroke, either forehand or backhand. The best offensive baseliner might have dominant service with the fast ground stroke.

Modern tennis usually played at the baseline. The professional tennis players today tend to stay at back, hitting hard and deep ground strokes rather than coming on to net and playing volleys just like Sampras. Playing at baseline leads to big winners and long rallies. Nadal in the present time after Federer has become an all court player and can play on to the net along with baseline. 

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