Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open Tennis titles

Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open tennis titles

Greatest female tennis player Margaret Smith Court has ruled the female Australian Open world, winning 11 titles for her native country, Australia. Even then, the United States of America is leading the title run of female Australian Open titles. One strange fact about this Grand Slam is that famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova of the USA, who was known to rule the tennis world, won only 3 titles in the Australian Open. However, many tennis players from the USA have been able to make names for themselves in the Australian Open event. The present winner of the Australian Open women’s title is Serena Williams, who also won the doubles tournament in the Australian Open 2010, hence making America’s rule inevitable. Here is the list of top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open titles:

1)      United States (15 titles)

2)      Australia (10 titles)

3)      Germany (4 titles)

4)      Yugoslavia (3 titles)

5)      Czech (2 titles)

6)      Switzerland (3 titles)

7)      Russia (1 title)

8)      Belgium (1 title)

9)      Britain (1 title)

10)   France (2 titles)

Famous female tennis player Serena Williams of the USA is in her full swing and performance which indicates bright chances of America ruling the female Australian Open title for many years to come. William sisters have shown tremendous potential at the hard court and have owned the Australian Open with their exclusive play. America is known for producing the best of tennis players. Every era had a leading American tennis player which now includes Serena and Venus Williams. Although Serena is having a rough time with her fitness and injuries but she is still managing to be extremely competitive and challenging the opponents with her aggressive play. 

Legendary Pete Sampras in Wimbledon

Legendary Pete Sampras in Wimbledon

Greatest tennis player Pete Sampras, the legendary king of tennis, with his 14 Grand Slam titles, has been the only player who never showed his emotions or broke into tears with such a grand career. Out of his 14 Grand Slams, Peter claimed 7 titles of Wimbledon, which is the most outstanding record in the history of Wimbledon. He stands alone in this record on Wimbledon and is still cherished for his magnanimous performance.

USA tennis player, Sampras has always felt comfortable and homey in England when it came to tennis and rocked the Wimbledon world with his extravagant records. As soon as he entered the green court of Wimbledon, his spirits used to get a momentum and fired up against the opponent. Sampras owned Wimbledon court and made himself a mentor for everyone to follow. He is the only player who was able to win three consecutive Wimbledon titles twice (1993-1995, 1997-2000). Sampras is the only tennis player who never lost the final of Wimbledon.

In his 13th Grand Slam play at Wimbledon, Sampras showed his hidden emotions when he broke best tennis player Roy Emerson’s record. Pete broke into tears when he played the last point and ran off to his parents and embraced them! What a moment it was for him, his family and the tennis world! No wonder people envy the ones who were able to watch Sampras play in the court.

Sampras along with his dim smile, humble body language, and tremendously controlled emotions has been the ideal and classic sportsman in the tennis world!

Famous male tennis player: Andy Murray

Famous male tennis player: Andy Murray

Famous male tennis player Andy Murray, a professional tennis player from Britain, is currently ranked at number four by the World Tennis Association. Andy has achieved the highest rank of number two in 2009. in 2009, Andy Murray won the best six titles of ATP World Tour which earned him the highest ranking of his career. During this time, Andy lost the plot in the fourth round of the U.S. Open Grand Slam and was dropped back to third. He is the highest ranked British tennis player after Fred Perry. Andy Murray fought into the top ten ranking in April, 2007 and in 2008, he finished as runner up in the U.S. Open against Roger Federer. But, he hasn’t won any Grand Slams. In 2010, Andy Murray made to his first ever Grand Slam in Australian Open where he qualified due to the knee injury of Nadal as Nadal retired in the match.He became the only British tennis player after John Lloyd to reach the final of Australian Open. After Agassi, Andy Murray became the first player to win the Canadian titles back to back. In En route, Andy Murray became the 5th player to defeat famous male tennis players, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the same tournament.

Andy’s game is more suitable to the hard court (which has reflected in his results). But he has worked very hard to improve his performance on a clay court. Being a local British boy, he always gets huge fan support at Wimbledon. Andy Murray is known to play defensive counter punch and according to his coach “He is the best counter-puncher” on the tour. The greatest shot played by Murray is the ground stroke with a minimal error-rate and he has the uncanny ability to anticipate the ball. He has an ability to come from defense to offense with astonishing speed and that allows him to play winners from a defensive situation. He generally plays the slow game and suddenly changes the speed of the shot to give shock to the opponents. His first service is his greatest strength and he is known to construct points on the court.

Master’s Series in Tennis

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Master’s Series in Tennis

The tennis tournament played at the end of each year to determine the best of the lot from the top ranked 8 players is called the Masters Tennis Series. In this series, the top 8 players in the calendar year are divided into 2 groups of 4 players each. There takes place 3 round robin matches in which each player from both the groups plays against all the other 3 players. The top two players from each of the group go onto the semi-finals and then the finals.

The Masters Tennis tournament is a third generation evolution of the original format which was initiated in 1970. In the beginning, it was simply called the Masters tournament. Though the same format of matches between the top ranked tennis players was followed in the initial stages, it did not have any effect on the world rankings. But as time progressed, the format changed and the rankings of the players got a boost or a downfall depending on their performance in this tournament too. There are further changes going to be made in the 2009 edition of the Masters Tennis tournament with the name being changed to ATP World Tour Finals. From 2009-12 it will be played at the O2 in London.