Longest Final Match of Wimbledon

Federer vs Nadal, Longest Final Match of Wimbledon

The dramatic, interesting, sensational and thrilling match between Rafael Nadal (Spain) and Roger Federer (Switzerland) in 2008 Wimbledon final made a historical record of being the longest match. The exciting and aggressive match lasted for 4 hours and 48 minutes.

The match started with Federer’s serve. The first set consisted of 10 games and ended up with Nadal winning by 6-4. Nadal won the second set by 6-4, too. There had been 20 games so far. The third set consisted of 13 games that Federer won by 7-6. Between the 9th and 10th game of the third set, the match was stopped for 30 minutes due to rain. New 13 games were played in the fourth set which Federer won by 7-6 again. Now the game was at an exciting stage. There was 2-2 set point tie between both the players. The fifth set was the longest during the match, as 17 games were played. During the fifth set, between the 5th and the 6th game, Nadal and Federer stopped playing for 30 minutes again due to rain. Nadal won the set by 9-7, thus winning the 2008 Wimbledon final.

Through that victory, Nadal became the first man to win French Open and Wimbledon tournaments after Björn Borg did in 1980. Nadal became also the first Spanish to win the Wimbledon title for his country after Manolo Santana did it in 1966.

Losing the game cost Federer 40 consecutive victories record at All England Club and 65 consecutive victories on grass record too. Federer admitted this to be his hardest loss, but at the same time he admired Nadal and said that he deserved the victory because he played “fantastically”.

Federer vs. Nadal Rivalry At Wimbledon

Federer vs. Nadal Rivalry At Wimbledon

When two great players meet in a historic tournament, and only one can walk away a winner, you are privileged to do more than watch some of the greatest tennis ever played. You are witness to the birth of yet another legendary tennis rivalry. Such was the case when the two greatest and famous tennis players,  Rafael defeated Roger Federer in 2008 to interrupt Federer’s string of Wimbledon triumphs. But, in truth, the rivalry had begun long before that fateful moment.

They are, you must acknowledge, both extremely talented athletes with the sort of drive and determination that it takes to succeed in this sport, and at Wimbledon. True, Nadal is five year’s Federer’s junior, but that can translate as easily into Federer having five years more experience as a top player. They are the only two men to ever have completed five consecutive calendar years as the two top-ranked players on the ATP tour. Federer was number one for a record-breaking 237 weeks starting in February of 2004. Nadal, was right behind him at number two for 160 weeks starting in July of 2005.

Then they met in Wimbledon in 2008. Famous Swiss tennis player Federer’s defeat by Nadal stripped him of his number one ranking and the roles were reversed. Nadal, however, didn’t keep the number one spot too long. He was injured and while recuperating, slipped to number three for a while and then returned to the number two spot after winning against Federer in the Madrid Open in May of this year. His win at the French Open rocketed Nadal into first place once more.

Overall, Spanish tennis player, Nadal leads the contest 14 to 7. Tournament seedings are based upon rankings and seventeen of Federer and Nadal’s meetings have been in tournament finals, including seven of them in Grand Slam Finals. They have played one another in every French Open and in the Wimbledon Finals every year from 2006 to 2008, and met in the Australian Open tennis tournament in 2009. Nadal came away with wins in five of the seven, only losing their first two meetings at Wimbledon.

Their meeting in the 2008 Wimbledon final has been referred to as possibly the greatest men’s single’s final match in Wimbledon history. Whether you agree with that or not, you have to agree that this brewing rivalry ensures two top players are at their best each time they meet, and allows us to be sure of some excellent tennis to view at this year’s Wimbledon Tournament.