Hottest Female Tennis Players-All Time

Tennis is one of the most glamorous entertainment sports worlds wide, with millions of viewers around the globe, always keen to travel continents to watch the hottest profiles of the tennis world in action.

Among the icons of beauty who rule the court and the hearts of millions is Gabriela Sabatini, the hot and sexy Argentine beauty,who has been more famous for her beauty than her performance on the court.Hottest Female Tennis Players

When talking about Sabatini, we can’t miss out on mentioning the name of the bold and beautiful and the symbol of style, Steffi Graff here, who had outsourced many tennis players with her legendary performances and ultimate hotness. She has ruled the tennis court and the hearts of many for a pretty long time and still enjoys a great fan following.

Steffi Graf, Hottest Female Tennis Players

Another name that clicks is that of an old beauty of the 50s i.e. Chris Evert. Well when one looks at these stunning beauties, one feels like that beauty has no age, it’s all in heart, and it’s not us who say that, but these are the words of the glamour world.

Chris Evert, Hottest Female Tennis Players

Interestingly these hot and sexy girls have been associated with tennis from around the globe and in this regard when it comes to Asia, who can forget the hot Sania Mirza from India, and the Swiss hottest figure of Martina Hingis. Her appealing personality and hottest figure has made her both, the “Tennis and Fashion icon”.

Martina Hingis

The heat of the hotness does not end here since the hunt through the racket continues its journey to the Serbian’s lovely and glorifying figure of Anna Ivanovic. She not only stole the court with her magnifying tennis performance but left everyone falling for her stunning beauty and sexy figure.

Ana Ivanovic

Today’s world of tennis is incomplete without the name of the hottest ever tennis player, securing the most expensive sponsorship deals, and shaping the tennis magazines with a nerve beating touch, the former world no. 1, and the most beautiful Russian smile, Maria Sharapova. She is an uncontested star, ruling the tennis glamorous world of today. Her public profile is beyond tennis, and she is ruling the glamorous world of tennis in and out of the court equally.

Maria Sharapova

We are sure that among all the hot girls we have mentioned here you must have found your favorite and completely agree with us.  🙂

French Open winners and runner-ups (female)-From 1999-1990

Steffi Graf, French Open winners and runner-ups female, From 1980-1989

The era of 1999-1990 in women French Open tennis tournaments could be dedicated to famous female tennis players, Steffi Graff and Monica Seles as these two tennis players shared the most number of French Open Championship titles with Sanchez Vicario as the leading runner-up during this decade. The list of female winners and runner-ups of French Open tennis championship during 1999-1990 is as follow:

Year 1999-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of French Open Championship-1999: Steffi Graf
  • Runner-up (female)-1999: Martina Hingis

Year 1998-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of French Open Championship-1998: Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario
  • Runner-up of French Open Championship-1998: Monica Seles

Year 1997-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1997: Iva Majoli
  • Runner-up of French Open Championship-1997: Martina Hingis

Year 1996-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1996: Steffi Graf
  • Runner-up of French Open Championship-1996: Sanchez-Vicario

Year 1995-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1995: Steffi Graf
  • Runner-up of French Open Championship-1995: Sanchez Vicario

Year 1994-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1994: Sanchez Vicario
  • Runner-up of the French Open Championship-1994: Mary Pierce

Year 1993-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship: Steffi Graf
  • Runner-up of the French Open Championship-1993: Mary Jo Fernandez

Year 1992-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1992: Monica Seles
  • Runner-up of the French Open Championship-1992: Steffi Graf

Year 1991-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1991: Monica Seles
  • Runner-up of the French Open Championship-1991: Sanchez Vicario

Year 1990-French Open Tennis

  • Winner of the French Open Championship-1990: Monica Seles
  • Runner-up of the French Open Championship-1990: Steffi Graf

History of French Open-Ronald Garros

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History of French Open-Ronald Garros
The history of French Open could be traced back to year 1981 when the very first tournament was played and won by Briggs. At that moment, it was not an international tournament. In year 1897, Women Singles Championship was introduced.In the city of love, Paris, the most physically demanding tennis tournament, French Open is played every year. Known also as Roland Garros and being the premier clay court tournament, it is played between late May and the earlier week of June for two weeks. Although the clay court provides a surface for slow game, this championship has been entertaining the tennis fans all over the world with sensational matches.

The dry and slow clay surface has given tremendous players like Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert, Justine Henin, Rafael Nadal and many more
to the tennis fans.In the year 1925, Roland Garros was made open for all the competitors. After the French Open was recognized internationally, the legendary player Bjorn Borg showed his magic in tennis world and claimed his sixth title in the year 1981. In Women’s Singles, Chris Evert mesmerized the women tennis world with her game and won seven titles, which is a record held by her till date. The only player to win titles closer to Evert was Steffi Graf who became the winner six titles.

In the chase for the French Open King, Rafael Nadal has made his mark by claiming 6 French Open titles, equalling Borg’s record and is expected to do magic in the coming years. However in the current era, no women tennis player has been able to dominate the clay court comprehensively. 

Steffi Graf: Famous female tennis players

Famous female tennis players: Steffi Graf Read more..

Graff vs. Navratilova Rivalry at Wimbledon

Graff vs. Navratilova Rivalry at Wimbledon

When they came to Wimbledon in 1988, famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova arrived on the grass courts riding a wave of six consecutive women’s titles. Then, of course, she had also beaten the best tennis playerSteffi Graff the year before. While Graff carried a number one ranking, it still seemed, to many fans, to be a foregone conclusion that Martina would win again.

Martina did win the first set, 7-5 and her fans were ecstatic while Steffi’s faithful following were beginning to wonder if the young German player were under some sort of Wimbledon curse. After all, Steffi had just beaten the greatest ever tennis player Chris Evert at the Australian Open and then gone on to win the French Open, as well. Still, here was Martina Navratilova, winning the first two games of the second set and many of Graff’s fans began to expect a repeat of her previous year’s loss. Then, the tides took an abrupt turn. Steffi seemed to wake up and began to put her legendary forehand and that backhand slice to work. She won six games in a row and took the set 6-2.

Then, the two faced off for a final set. Graff shot out with a 5-1 lead over Martina who took a 40-love lead but with a pair of double-faults, the score came up deuce. Steffi then took the game, the set and the match. She had dethroned Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon and, unknowingly, yet another of tennis’ infamous rivalries had begun.

Famous German female tennis player Graff would repeat her win over Martina in the 1989 final and go on to win seven Wimbledon singles titles of her own. She never managed to equal Martina’s unmatched success at the prestigious British tournament, and the rivalry faded as the two drifted slowly towards retirement. Still, while it lasted, it made for some great tennis and matches between the two were always packed to capacity by fans that wanted to see what two of the greatest women players in history facing off was really like.