Top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open Tennis titles

Top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open titles

Almost all sports are ruled by a particular player or team for a brief period. Football was ruled by Brazil for a long time, cricket by the West Indies, golf by Tiger Woods, squash by Jansher Khan of Pakistan, etc. All these players or teams not only represent themselves, but also their countries. In the same stance, tennis has been ruled by greatest tennis players from one nation for a long time. By and large, players from the United States have been successful in winning the most tennis Grand Slam titles. The Australian Open for males has also been ruled by the American players so far. The United States of America has always produced the best tennis players of all time. They have dominated all the courts including the Australian Open, hence winning the leading number of titles. In the past decade and more, Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player however has been able to win the Australian Open titles. 

Most of the Australian Grand Slam titles have been won by Americans up to now. Including the United States, here is a list of the top ten countries who won the most male Australian Open titles:

1)      United States (15 titles)

2)      Australia (7 titles)

3)      Sweden (6 titles)

4)      Switzerland (4 titles)

5)      Czech (3 titles)

6)      Argentina (2 titles)

7)      Germany (2 titles)

8)      Russia (2 titles)

9)      Serbia (1 title)

10)   Spain (1 title)

The top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open titles clearly indicates that the United States and Australia have been dominating this Grand Slam for ages. And now we see a difference in trend as Nadal and Djokovic are the new emerging players, claiming the Australian Open titles.

Most tennis titles Won by Country

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Most tennis titles Won by Country, Tennis balls

Tennis has been a game that has welcomed every player with several different origin background. However few of the countries have ruled the game of tennis by producing absolutely brilliant tennis players over the time. USA is the top ranked country in Wimbledon history with the highest number of titles in both men and women singles. The country has a total of 86 titles. In men’s singles, USA has won 33 titles so far, whereas in women’s singles, the country claimed 53 titles. USA’s Pete Sampras has won seven titles. He won them in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Among women, Martina Navratilova won 9 titles in 1978, 1979, 1982-1987 and 1990.

In the second position are the British Isles with a total of 61 titles among which 32 were claimed by men and 29 by women. Australia is number three with 26 titles of which 21 were claimed by men and 5 by women. France is the fourth with 14 titles, 7 each being claimed by men and women. Germany is number fifth with 12 titles. Women claimed 8, whereas men did only four.

At number six is Great Britain with 10 titles, seven claimed by women and only 3 by men. Sweden and Switzerland have claimed 7 titles so far. Sweden’s titles are all claimed by men where as one of the Swiss title was claimed by a woman. New Zealand’s men have claimed 4 titles for their country so far. Spain has won 3 titles: 2 by men and one by a woman. Slovakia, Netherlands, Croatia and Egypt have one title each that were all claimed by men. Czech Republic and Russia have won one title each by their women.

In all, men have claimed 123 titles for their countries and women did 116.

Best player at Clay Court in the present era!

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Best player at Clay Court in the present era, Rafael Nadal

The clay court is considered to be one of the toughest surfaces in the world of tennis where major players find it tough to fight against the unseeded players. It requires sheer hard work and fitness to play the shots at clay court due to the resistance provided by the clay while playing shots. The French Open Grand Slam tournament which is played on clay court surface is known to be the tournament where major upsets can be expected. The reason for this to happen is that the players start playing tennis in the hard court from the start of their career and adjust to that surface and when it comes to playing at clay court struggles start.

Rafael Nadal, who is a professional tennis player from Spain, is known to be the best clay court player who has won eighty-one (81) matches at the clay court which is a world record. Rafael Nadal has won four consecutive French Open Grand Slam tournaments from 2005 to 2008 by beating different ranked players including world number one Roger Federer. Nadal’s nine wins out of thirteen over the world number one has come on a clay court surface which shows his dominance on the clay court. Due to his active fitness footwork and sheer power in the shots he has achieved great success on the clay court. Nadal has successfully equalled the record of Bjorn Borg of 6 French Open titles which clearly shows his dominance and grip on clay win. Out of ten grand slams for Nadal, 6 titles are won on the Clay surface (French Open) which explains why people call Nadal, The Clay King! 

Famous male tennis player: Fernando Verdasco

Famous male tennis player: Fernando Verdasco

Famous male tennis player Fernando Verdasco is a professional tennis player from Spain who is currently ranked at number 20 and No. 3 among the Spanish tennis players which is the second highest rank for a Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal. Currently, Verdasco is working with the former U.S. tennis Ace Andre Agassi and his team in Las Vegas. He has achieved his best ranking of seventh in April, 2009. Even though, he hasn’t won any Grand Slam titles in his career, he has given several good performances in Grand Slam matches. His best performance came in the 2009 Australian Open where he reached the semi-finals of the event and was beaten by world number one Rafael Nadal in the longest ever match in the history of the Australian Open that lasted for more than five hours. This performance earned him the ninth ranking, his highest until then. In 2010, Verdasco won titles in Barcelona and San Jose. He successfully reached the final of first ATP Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo.

The Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco is an offensive baseline player who can play on any surface but the fast hard courts are his favourites. The best shot played by Spaniard is a forehand. His service is a typical left-handed service where he puts lot of top spin on the ball with a speed of more than 200 Kms. But, his usual habit of making errors at the most important time in a match and a loss of concentration is well known and costs him matches.