The greatest tennis rivalries: Pete Sampras vs Roger Federer

The greatest tennis rivalries: Pete Sampras vs Roger Federer

One of the best comparisons of tennis history can be between the greatest players of all time, Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. Looking at their career records, their career achievements are almost same. The biggest edge that Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has is that, he is still continuing his career where as Sampras got retired in 2002. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament where Sampras has an edge over Federer, other than that, Federer has either equaled or had broken record in rest of the three tournaments. Although these two players never really got the chance to play against each other that often but Federer by breaking all possible records of Sampras turned it into a rivalry. Over all performances of both the players are somewhat same yet proving the great capabilities of both the players to the maximum. Here is some general information about Pete Sampras and Roger Federer:




Date of Birth:

August 8, 1981

August 12, 1971



United States

Career Singles Titles:



Career Doubles Titles:



Turned Pro in:



Career Prize Money:

$56.9 million

$43 million

Career record (singles):



Highest ranking (singles):



Career record (doubles):



Highest ranking (doubles):




Sampra’s career statistics:


Federer’s career statistics:

Sampras claimed 14 Grand Slam titles whereas Federer claimed 16 Grand Slam titles. In Federer’s 16 titles marathon, he won a French Open title as well which Sampras failed at achieving. One of the noticeable things about this French Open title is that Federer won this title to break the grand slam title record of Sampras. No wonder Federer is known as the King Federer.


Wimbledon Open Winners and Runner-Ups (Male)-From 2010-2000

Roger Federer,Wimbledon Open winners and runner-ups male, From 2000-2010

Wimbledon the name speaks itself is undoubtedly the ultimate test of the top tennis players in the tennis circuit. The era of 2000-2010 shows the dominance of one of the best tennis players ever and that is of Roger Federer from Basel, Switzerland. He has the prestige of being the most famous tennis player in history. He also held the world ranking No. 1 seat for a long period, followed by Spanish tennis player giant Rafael Nadal, currently No. 2 from Spain.

Roger Federer first made his mark at Wimbledon 2001 by defeating Pete Sampras in an epic five setter marathon. He made the crowd sit up and forced them to notice his absolute skills. Defeating Sampras was quite an achievement itself and this achievement later multiplied successively. This was the only encounter between Federer and Sampras as Sampras retired later. Federer did lose to Mario Ancic in the following year but he won his first Wimbledon title in 2003 where he defeated Mark Philippoussis to win the Grand Slam title. He dropped only one set in this match and since then, he has been unstoppable. Like Sampras, Federer also felt comfortable at Wimbledon and claimed 6 Wimbledon titles, only one less than Sampras. His exquisite one handed backhand perhaps is the most aesthetic shot in tennis and would be missed after his retirement.

The list of male winners and runner-ups of Wimbledon Open tennis championship during 2000-2010 is as follow:

Year 2010-2000 Wimbeldon Open Winners

  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2010: Rafael Nadal
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2009: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2008: Rafael Nadal
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2007: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2006: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2005: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2004: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2003: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2002: Lleyton Hewitt
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2001: Goran Ivanisevic
  • Wimbledon Open winner (male)-2000: Pete Sampras

Year 2010-2000 Wimbeldon Open Runner-ups

  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2010: Tomas Berdych
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2009: Andy Roddick
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2008: Roger Federer
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2007: Rafael Nadal
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2006: Rafael Nadal
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2005: Andy Roddick
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2004: Andy Roddick
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2003: Mark Philippoussis
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2002: David Nalbandian
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2001: Patric Rafter
  • Wimbledon Open runner-up (male)-2000: Patric Rafter

Famous male tennis player: Gael Monfils

Gael Monfils, Famous male tennis player: Gael Monfils

A French tennis player and currently the most favorite for French people, famous tennis player Gael Monfils is a professional tennis player who has been entertaining the tennis fans all over the world with his sensational performances. Gael is nicknamed as ‘La Monf’ and sometimes Sliderman due to his extremely sliding techniques on the clay surface. 

Even he failed at winning major Grand Slam titles, the amount of energy and zeal Monfils shows at the court made him famous among the tennis lovers. Monfils born September 1, 1986 is the current top French tennis player and has been ranked 9th on the ATP rankings. He was the semi-finalist in French Open 2009 whereas runner-up in Paris Masters in 2009 and 2010. In year 2008, it was the first time when French tennis player Monfils finished in top 20 tennis players. With personal high 46 matches win in 2010, Monfils was able to finish among the top 15 male tennis players for straight third year.

Gael Monfils is known for his defensive playing tactic and he plays from the far back of the baseline until he forces his opponent to make and error. Monfils is known for his athleticism and is sometimes compared to Rafal Nadal for being all over the clay court. Monfils sometimes surprise his opponents with his aggressive play but his sudden transition from defensive to aggressive often lead him to make errors.

In year 2011, Monfils was left with the wrist injury but made a strong comeback and defeated 7th seeded Spanish tennis player David Ferrer to reach the quarterfinals. Monfils will face the greatest tennis player Roger Federer in quarter-final in French Open 2011.

Famous Swedish male tennis player: Mats Wilander

Famous Swedish male tennis player: Mats Wilander

Famous and legendary male tennis player, Mats Wilander is a Swedish tennis player born on August 22, 1964. His exemplary and impeccable game play helped him endeavor the World No. 1 rank. From 1982-1988, Mats Wilander with his top-notch performances won seven Grand Slam singles titles and one men’s double Grand Slam title. In year 1988, Mats Wilander won three of the four Grand Slams and ranked World No. 1.Although Mats never won the Wimbledon singles title, but he did win the Australian Open title twice when it was still being played on the grass court. For this reason, Mats Wilander is one of the five men (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi and Jimmy Connors) who won the singles titles on hard courts, grass courts and clay courts. Rafael Nadal and Mats Wilendar are the only two tennis players to have won at least 2 Grand Slam singles’ titles on each of 3 surfaces. Windler won his fourth tennis Grand Slam singles title at the age of 20 which made him the youngest tennis player to achieve this milestone in the history of tennis. Some other career highlights and records of best Swedish male tennis player, Mats Wilander are:

1)      Major titles won by Mats Wilander are:

  1. Australian Singles titles: 1983, 1984, 1988
  2. French Singles titles: 1982, 1985, 1988
  3. US Singles titles: 1988
  4. Wimbledon doubles: 1986

2)      Davis Cup, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 with a record 36-14 in singles and 7-2 in doubles.

3)      Singles record in the Grand Slams: Australian (36-7), Wimbledon (25-10), French (47-9) and US (36-11)

4)      Mats Wilnder is the only player to have achieve the World No. 1 rank after winning the most number of Grand Slams.

5)      Mats Wilendar shares the record of appearing in three consecutive Australian Open finals with Ivan Lendl

How to serve like Roger Federer?

How to serve like Roger Federer?

Famous and greatest male tennis player Roger Federer, the tennis king, has one of the best serves in the game of tennis. Roger’s serve is pretty much like the legendary tennis player Peter Sampras. His serve is powerful, accurate and deceptive to read. Overall, Roger’s serve is very simple, but his vision and consistency give a devastating edge to his serve. Here are the tips to serve like Roger Federer:

1)      Use the continental grip to hold your racquet as it will give you a natural arm motion

2)      Place yourself 2 feet on the baseline from the center notch.

3)      Stand in a position with your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to the baseline. Now shift your back foot in such a way that its toes come even with the heel of your front shoe.

4)      Now put your weight on your front foot. Bounce the ball few times and on the last bounce move your racquet with a slow swing forwards.

5)      Now toss the ball into air while keeping your arm straight.

6)      Raise your arms as the ball goes into the air in a way that the arms come in line with the upper body and should move with the same speed. With this, keep your racquet at an angle of 90-degree so that the racquet points straight at the sky along with facing down on the baseline.

7)      As the ball goes on to the top of its arc, explode the ball and hit with full force.

Remember folks! Federer depended on his serve which eventually led him to win 16 Grand Slams. So work on your serve and no one would be able to stop you from winning!

How to play tennis like Roger Federer?

How to play tennis like Roger Federer?

The king of tennis and greatest male tennis player Roger Federer, is an inspiration for everyone. Every tennis lover aspires to be Roger. Fans and critics recognize the absolutely amazing potential of Roger Federer and his game play in tennis. They recognize him as the best thing that has ever happened to tennis world. Roger Federer’s vision and power make him an incredible player and attacker. With his speed and determination, he has turned out to be a tenacious defender. You cannot play exactly like Federer but there are some basic rules you can follow. These rules are:

1)      Buy a Wilson (K)Factor (K)Six-One Tour 90 tennis racket. Federer customizes this racket with his own hybrid strings and weights.

2)      One thing you need to develop in yourself is to keep yourself cool, clear-headed and controlled over your temper. These are the trademarks of Federer.

3)      You need to fix your grips. Federer uses a semi-western grip for his forehand, eastern-backhand grip for topspin backhand along with continental and slice backhands.

4)      Focus on serve accuracy instead of power. It’s the spin and placement of Roger’s serves that makes it hard for the opponents to break the serve.

5)      Roger’s real asset is his ability to innovate on the court; his creative skills make him play in angles that are never expected by the opponents.

In Roger’s game, one aspect is always dominant and that is his cool and calm temperament. If you excel at not panicking and keeping it calm through the game, the ability to innovate and play will show up automatically.

Facts and information about Australian Open Tennis 2006-2007

Facts and information about Australian Open 2006-2007, Federer vs Gonzalez

Year 2007 was a surprise as Gonzalez made his way into the final against Federer, where the King Fed won the championship (his 10th Grand Slam title). Year 2006 was again the year of Federer where he got emotionala fter receiving his trophy from Australia’s greatest player Rod Laver.

A look into the 2006-2007 Australian Open could be concluded in one post. Some of the incidents worth highlighting and information about Australian Open 2006-2007 are as follows:

1)      In the 2006 Australian Open, Razvan Sabau, Filippo Volandri, Mariano Zabaleta and Marcos Daniel retired from in the first round.

2)      In the 2006 Australian Open, 7 Australian tennis players, 12 American tennis players and 2 British tennis players participated. Among these, only nine players managed to progress into the second round and four to the third round.

3)      The 2006 Australian Open tennis championship was won by greatest tennis player Roger Federer. It was his seventh career Grand Slam title.

4)      In the 2006 Australian Open tournament, 34 tie-breaks were played.

5)      The defending champions of the 2007 Australian Open title were famous female tennis player Amelie Mauresmo and best male tennis player Roger Federer. Amelie won her first Grand Slam title in 2006 at the Australian Open event.

6)      In the 2007 Australian Open, only two Australian tennis players (Wayne Arthurs and Lleyton) and one Australian player (Alicia Molik) made their way to the third round. Nearly 10 Australian tennis players lost in first two rounds of the 2007 Australian Open.

7)      The 2007 Australian Open saw record tie-breakers in first round of men’s title. Among the players, hottest male tennis player Andy Roddick won the longest tie-break against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga by 20-18.

Facts and information about Australian Open Tennis 2004

Facts and information about Australian Open Tennis 2004, Roger Federer

In tennis, it can be interesting to reflect on past events. Many notable occurrences take place within a particular Grand Slam. There are certain facts and records that are overlooked by many of us but they do make for interesting parts of the tournament. Australian Open is one such grand slams that has offered several different records, events and facts that will definitely interest any avid tennis fan.

Here is the information and facts detail about Australian Open 2004:

1)      Names previously unknown to tennis fans, Nenad Zimonjic and Elena Bovina won the open mixed doubles title of the 2004 Australian Open.

2)      Fabrice Santoro and Michael Llodra won the 2004 Australian Open doubles title for the second year, beating the Bryan brothers in the final.

3)     Famous female tennis player Amelie Mauresmo withdrew from the 2004 Australian Open quarter final while she was among the top ten female tennis players at that time.

4)      Three American famous female singles tennis players Lindsay Davenport, Lisa Raymond and Chanda Rubin made their way into the Round of 16 of Australian Open 2004.

5)      Four American men singles tennis players Andy Roddick, Robby Ginepri, Andre Agassi and James Blake reached the Round of 16 in the 2004 Australian Open.

6)      Justine Henin-Hardenne, being the top seed player in 2004, won the third Grand Slam, i.e. Australian Open 2004 after defeating Kim Clijsters.

7)      Russian male tennis player Marat Safin snapped the 26-match win streak of Agassi at the Australian Open by defeating Agassi in the thrilling semi-final of Australian Open 2004.

8)      Among the top ten seeded male tennis players in 2004, Carlos Moya withdrew before the the 2004 Australian Open event.

Top ten male tennis players with the most Australian Open titles

Federer, Agassi, Top ten male tennis players with the most Australian Open titles

The famous Melbourne Park in Australia arranges the Australian Open event every year in the closing weeks of January. Since 1988, the Australian Open has been played on hard courts. One of the most prominent features of Australian Open is the retractable roof in the two main courts of the Hisense Arena and Rod Laver Arena. The Australian open has been a stage to greatest tennis players who have set records in this grand slam. Not every tennis player enjoys success on hard court, especially players who are masters of the clay surface. Sampras, famous for numerous records, wasn’t able to show his convincing skills on the hard court of Australian Open which definitely showed his limitation. However American Agassi and Swiss Federer with their 4 Australian Open titles depicted their excellent grip on hard court as well. 

The top ten best male tennis players with the most Australian Open titles are as follows:

1)      Kenneth Robert Rosewall

2)      Roy Stanley Emerson

3)      Mats Wilander

4)      Andre Agassi

5)      Roger Federer

6)      Rafael Nadal

7)      Rod Laver

8)      Stefan Edberg

9)      Jim Courier

10)   Ivan Lendl

These best tennis players have been successful in winning the most titles in the Australian Open.  Among these stars, Roy Emerson is leading with his record of six Australian Open titles, which is still to be conquered by second-leading tennis star Roger Federer with four Australian Open titles. Stefan Edberg and Jim Courier were famous for their hard court performances and managed to win the Australian grand slam too. However, Roy is the only name that has been successfully ruled the Australian Open championship. 

Most aces by a male player in the Australian Open Tennis

Most aces by a male player in the Australian Open Tennis

The ace is the most exciting and beautiful serve played in tennis. Aces tend to remain unreturned because the opposing player does not touch the ball at all and therefore loses the point. Aces are seen on the first serve of a play as a tennis player can use full strength while serving, hence leading to an accurate ace. In the current tennis game, players now prefer playing from the baseline which means less of aces, volleys and drop shots. This has significantly decreased the aces as their are big winners. In addition to this, you get to see more of longer rallies with very few aces. However the history is full of ace records as tennis great names Sampras, Agassi and many more have won their games based on their aces. 

Greatest tennis player Goran Ivanisevic is famous for 1,477 maximum aces in the entire tennis season of 1996. After him, famous male tennis player Ivo Karlovic was leading until John Isner made his way with the record of 112 aces during the longest match in tennis history. This record was set in Wimbledon. However, the top ten leading male ace scorers of Australian Open are:

1)      Joachim Johansson (51 aces )

2)      Gilles Muller (47 aces)

3)      Chris Guccione (45 aces)

4)      Andy Roddick (42 aces)

5)      Bryan Shelton (40 aces)

6)      Goran Ivanisevic (39 aces)

7)      Roger Federer (39 aces)

8)      Feliciano Lopez (39 aces)

9)      Pete Sampras (37 aces)

10)   Julien Boutter (37 aces)

Among these names, hottest male tennis player Andy Roddick holds the record of serving the fastest ace as well. These players have entertained tennis fans with fastest and most beautiful aces.

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