Popular Tennis Player Richard Krajicek

Richard Krajicek

Born on 6 December 1971, starting professional career in 1989, retiring in 2003 and winning 17 titles in his 15 years career! This right handed Dutch player Richard Krajicek is so far most successful Dutch player. Started tennis at the age of four; played and won under 12 and under 14 national championships for two times is only Dutch player to win Wimbledon.
When starting his career in tennis at the age of 12, he decided to change from two-handed backhand as one-handed. He became professional at the age of 18 and won his first title in 1991. Richard Krajicek won his men’s singles Wimbledon in 1996 after defeating famous player Pete Sampras which was his only defeat during 1993-2000. Bringing Richard Krajicek tennis career in lime light, he played total 26 singles out of winning for 17 times. Playing Grand Slam finals for only once and wining this title in the year 1996, playing Master Series finals for 6 times while winning it twice and four times being the Runner-Up, he played ATP’s Champion series for 5 times while winning it only twice. In his 15 years career he was either the Winner or the Runner-Up which is one of his achievements. His highest ranking was 4 after winning the Wimbledon.
He had this power to impose and inflict his game on the opponent, his classic style of playing tennis, beautiful attacking style made him colossally gifted and successful player. Richard Krajicek is also an author of five books. He not only made tennis his career but also a charity by establishing Richard Krajicek Foundation in 1993 whose goal was to make sports approachable to poor youth. He also opened a ground in Hague where children can play several sports.He is currently the tournament director of ABN ABRO World Tennis Tournament.

Aces Records in One Match – Men’s Singles

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Isner and Mahut, Aces Records in One Match - Men’s Singles

Tennis fans surely know what an ace is. For those of us who do not know, an ace is when during a game, a point is scored after a player serves the ball correctly and so strongly that the opponent doesn’t even have a chance to touch it. Not all the tennis players have the potential, the art of making a point through an ace. It requires correct positioning and timing. When our favorite player hits aces during the game, he not only makes it interesting, but also a fun and treat for us to watch.

Many players have set records for aces. The top ten record holders from 1991 to June 23, 2010 have Ivo Karlović on the top with 78 aces that he scored against Radek Štepanek in a five set semifinal of the Davis Cup. He holds the second record, as well, with 55 aces against Lleyton Hewitt in a five-set first round match of the French Open. J. Johansson achieved the third spot in the aces ranking when he hit 51 aces against Andre Agassi in a 4-set match of the fourth round at the Australian Open. Again it’s Ivo Karlovic who stands fourth with 51 aces hit against Daniele Bracciali in a five-set Wimbledon match. Roger Federer is ranked fifth with 50 aces against Andy Roddick in a 5-set Wimbledon final.

The list goes on with Richard Krajicek the sixth with 49 aces against Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Gustavo Kuerton the seventh with 47 aces against Daniel Nestor, Ivo Karlovic the eighth with 46 aces against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Goran Ivanisević the ninth with 46 aces against Magnus Norman and Mark Philippoussis is the tenth with 46 aces against Andre Agassi.

Ivanović’s record was broken last Thursday, on June 24 by John Isner and Nicolas Mahut with 112 and 103 aces respectively.

Wimbledon Legends: Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg

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Wimbledon Legends: Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg

To start with, the best of the best-undisputed king of the tennis world, Pete Sampras, holds seven Wimbledon singles titles in his bag of trophies. He remained the King of Wimbledon in the 90s as he remained the titleholder from1993 to 1995. 1996 was the year when Richard Krajicek became the Wimbledon Champion by beating MaliVai Washington, whereas Sampras lost to him in the quarterfinal. Pete Sampras again carried on his victorious journey by winning four consecutive Wimbledon trophies from 1997-2000.

Next to follow is the tennis legend Bjorn Borg who won this esteemed trophy for five consecutive years. He remained champion from 1976 to 1980. He would have won Wimbledon in 1981, but lost to John McEnroe and remained runner up in the contest. Despite Pete Sampras being the King of the tennis world, Bjorn is the Emperor. It is due to the fact that not only he won the five consecutive Wimbledon titles but also won the French Open doubles event three times in a row along with three consecutive successes at Wimbledon which the tennis guru’s stated as “the most difficult double in tennis.” Sampras never won any French Open titles while Federer, with his latest victory at the French Open, has become the second after Borg to hold both the titles.