Top ten male tennis players of Hard Court-All time

Top ten male tennis players of Hard Court-All time, John McEnroe

Hard courts are the most-liked ground of all  surfaces. The reason behind the preference and popularity is that it gives a more level playing field for the parties. One of the most attractive features about hard courts is that it is easy to maintain  unlike other courts. Thereby it proves to be the most recreational ground for tennis for all. The neutrality of the hard courts is because of the fact that it provides a favorable ground for all kinds of players. It is a readily available  and does not require as much  work   like the clay court and  grass court. The hard court is the best ground for power packed performers who put in great force in the game. Hard Court tennis is similar to that of clay court  and is played on a concrete surface. Unlike grass court, hard court helps the ball to bounce at a greater height. Hard courts usually have a faster-paced ball that gives a very quick bounce. Some of the top tournaments like that of Australian Open Championship and US Open Championship are played in the hard court. The common base for a hard court is asphalt and concrete. The asphalt or concrete is generally made of padded material with rubbery coatings withjust a thin sealer and special paint. Hard courts can vary in speed and ball bounce depending on their composition. The hard courts at the US Open are made of Deco Turf which gives good speed. The Australian Open uses Rebound Ace that gives good bounce.

  1. William Larned
  2. , RichardRoro
  3. Bill Tilden
  4. Jimmy Connors
  5. Roger Federer
  6. Pete Sampras
  7. John McEnroe
  8. Robert Wrenn
  9. Ivan Lendl
  10. Fred Perry

Both defensive players and the power players find hard court easy to play on. It proves to be the best ground to showcase the real talent  the players.

Top Ten Male Grass Court Tennis Players

by on December 10, 2010
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Top Ten Male Grass Court Tennis Players, Pete Sampras

Playing on Grass court is definitely a different experience than that of any other courts. Grass court  in tennis is one of the most famous round of games that needs an extra edge and skill to manage over the difficult surfaces of the grass court in general. The ground  tends to be very slippery compared to other courts. The ball skips and bounces low and brings down the bouncing capacity of the ball. This makes it difficult for the players to have a good control over the ball and of course, the game. Grass court games definitely need the extra edge and handiness on the part of the players. The  players listed below have managed to make it big in the grass court game.

  1. Pete Sampras
  2. William Renshaw
  3. Roger Federer
  4. Björn Borg
  5. Lawrence Doherty
  6. Reginald Doherty
  7. Rod Laver
  8. Anthony Wilding
  9. Wilfred Baddeley
  10. Boris Becker
Among these players, Pete Sampras won 7 Wimbledon titles where as Federer won 6 Wimbledon titles. However the most astounding player among them is Bjorn Borg who not only claimed 5 Wimbledon titles but also excelled at French Open, clay court by winning 6 French Open titles as well. The players who won the Wimbledon title, realized their lifelong dream as the grass court offers challenges and resistance to many players. Winning multiple titles at Wimbledon is not very easy. Only 5 tennis players in the last 43 years have been able ton 3 or more championships titles at the Wimbledon centre court. This is why this list is a masterpiece as these players have ruled the grass court!