How to serve like Serena Williams?

How to serve like Serena Williams?

One of the desirable components of tennis is a powerful serve which is in the arsenal of a tennis player. In the present tennis world, greatest female tennis player Serena Williams has come up with a superior serve that she demonstrates in almost every game. You cannot exactly duplicate her serve but learning some of her tricks will help you develop a superior serve. Here are tips to help you serve like famous female tennis player Serena Williams:

1)      Toss the ball pointing upwards with open fingers. Tossing a ball with hands spread like an open flower is one technique that not every player uses. This also helps you keep the ball out of alignment and release the ball into air straight up.

2)      To harness power from your legs, bend your knees and add that power to your serve. Keep your focus on the ball as you reach up before hitting it. By the use of the deep knee bend, Serena thrusts herself upwards in order to deliver the powerful serve.

3)      Serena uses only her upper body to practice serve. This has given her a fast arm as well, which allows her to throw a serve of 90 miles per hour. You can practice the upper body part session by asking someone else to toss the ball for you.

4)      While serving, hold the racket with loose wrist. Use only your index finger and thumb to hold the racket as it will tell you how much tension you will need in order to serve.

5)      Be confident and study the game of tennis players you admire.

How to serve like Roger Federer?

How to serve like Roger Federer?

Famous and greatest male tennis player Roger Federer, the tennis king, has one of the best serves in the game of tennis. Roger’s serve is pretty much like the legendary tennis player Peter Sampras. His serve is powerful, accurate and deceptive to read. Overall, Roger’s serve is very simple, but his vision and consistency give a devastating edge to his serve. Here are the tips to serve like Roger Federer:

1)      Use the continental grip to hold your racquet as it will give you a natural arm motion

2)      Place yourself 2 feet on the baseline from the center notch.

3)      Stand in a position with your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to the baseline. Now shift your back foot in such a way that its toes come even with the heel of your front shoe.

4)      Now put your weight on your front foot. Bounce the ball few times and on the last bounce move your racquet with a slow swing forwards.

5)      Now toss the ball into air while keeping your arm straight.

6)      Raise your arms as the ball goes into the air in a way that the arms come in line with the upper body and should move with the same speed. With this, keep your racquet at an angle of 90-degree so that the racquet points straight at the sky along with facing down on the baseline.

7)      As the ball goes on to the top of its arc, explode the ball and hit with full force.

Remember folks! Federer depended on his serve which eventually led him to win 16 Grand Slams. So work on your serve and no one would be able to stop you from winning!

How to serve like Andy Roddick?

How to serve like Andy Roddick?

The hottest tennis player, Andy Roddick, is famous for his strong serve. Famous male tennis player Andy Roddick holds the record for serving the fastest serve with a speed of 149mph.Since then, no other tennis player has been able to break Andry Roddick’s fastest serve record. Anyone would love to serve like hot Andy Roddick. The tips to serve powerfully like tennis player Andy Roddick are the following:

1)      Andy Roddick’s serve comes from a strong base. You should begin with good practice tactics by putting your weight on the front foot by keeping it an angle of 45-degrees to the baseline.

2)      Toss is the most critical part of a good serve. The tennis experts advise the players to hold the balls by using all five fingers with their tips. The beauty of Roddick’s serve is that he shifts the majority of his weight into his back foot and releases the ball with his arm extended fully upwards. During this action he makes sure that he tosses the ball in front of him slightly. After this, he throws his racquet behind him, arches his back and bends his knees while transferring his weight to the front foot.

3)      Roddick’s physical strength allows him to create immense power in throwing actions. Roddick swings the ball from low to high and uses both of his feet for jumping forward along with ball. Roddick makes sure that he hits the ball at the peak of his toss to generate more power in his serve.

4)      The power in Roddick’s serve comes from the largest groups of muscles: the hips, legs and shoulders. Allow your body weight to throw forward when striking the ball and do not take your eyes off the ball.

How to play tennis like Roger Federer?

How to play tennis like Roger Federer?

The king of tennis and greatest male tennis player Roger Federer, is an inspiration for everyone. Every tennis lover aspires to be Roger. Fans and critics recognize the absolutely amazing potential of Roger Federer and his game play in tennis. They recognize him as the best thing that has ever happened to tennis world. Roger Federer’s vision and power make him an incredible player and attacker. With his speed and determination, he has turned out to be a tenacious defender. You cannot play exactly like Federer but there are some basic rules you can follow. These rules are:

1)      Buy a Wilson (K)Factor (K)Six-One Tour 90 tennis racket. Federer customizes this racket with his own hybrid strings and weights.

2)      One thing you need to develop in yourself is to keep yourself cool, clear-headed and controlled over your temper. These are the trademarks of Federer.

3)      You need to fix your grips. Federer uses a semi-western grip for his forehand, eastern-backhand grip for topspin backhand along with continental and slice backhands.

4)      Focus on serve accuracy instead of power. It’s the spin and placement of Roger’s serves that makes it hard for the opponents to break the serve.

5)      Roger’s real asset is his ability to innovate on the court; his creative skills make him play in angles that are never expected by the opponents.

In Roger’s game, one aspect is always dominant and that is his cool and calm temperament. If you excel at not panicking and keeping it calm through the game, the ability to innovate and play will show up automatically.

How to serve in tennis?

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How to serve in tennis?

The top tennis players are judged from their tennis serves. A strong and controlled serve could win a match for tennis players. As serve in tennis is the starting point of game, so excelling in serving a tennis ball is like building a base for a long-lasting and successful career. Serving a ball in tennis takes a few lessons, time, and months upon months of practice. For excelling in advanced serves, you need to have a grip on crucial basic serve. The basic tennis serve is played by following few steps:

1)      Stand behind the baseline of the court and hold racket in your dominant hand with a basic or continental serve grip. Position yourself to the right or left side of the central mark on the court baseline and turn slightly sideways to net.

2)      Now take the ball in your non-dominant hand and toss it in the air. The ball should be tossed high enough in the air so that when you use your racket to make contact with the ball, you arm is fully stretched in the air. Keep this momentum and hit your racket through the ball. Let your arm follow naturally into the downward movement.

3)      In case your first attempt fails and hits into the net or goes into the incorrect service box, try another serve till you correctly locate it. You must keep in mind that your foot should not touch or step over the baseline prior to ball contact.

And keep practising. Without practice, you wouldn’t be able to have a winning serve.

How to play a tennis forehand volley?

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How to play a tennis forehand volley? Roger Federer

A volley is a shot which is played in tennis before the ball actually bounces on the ground. The volley is mostly played when the player is closer to net but there are instances when the volley is executed from a distance as well. The volley is sometimes executed near the baseline or even in the middle of tennis court. The main purpose of a volley in tennis is to go offensive on the player and cut the reaction time of the opponent. The opponent will have much less time to respond and chase the ball in volley. Playing volley is not that difficult. All you need is control and practice. Here are the instructions to play volley in tennis:

1)      To play a volley, position yourself from the net about three feet. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

2)      Hold your racket with a continental grip. Keep your head pointing up and racket in front of you. You must make sure that the bottom of the handle is even with your belly button. Use your non-dominant hand’s fingers to lightly hold the top portion of the racket. Bend your knees slightly to put some strain on your thighs.

3)      Now move your left foot (or right in case you are left-handed) towards the ball as the ball probably would be hitting towards you above the waist level. Now turn your shoulder slightly to the right (left) till you bring your racket back even with your right (left) shoulder. Keep this motion smooth.

4)      Use your racket in a forward motion to meet the ball by using a quick punch. Keep your head vertical and make the racket contact the ball with your right/left shoulder. Now move your racket hand slightly so that the ball faces your palm upon the contact.

5)      Follow through with your swing. You should know that the follow through for a volley is shorter compared to the regular ground stroke. Your racket should be in control and not pass the front of your body.

Top ten female who won most titles in tennis-All time

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Top ten female who won most titles in tennis-All time, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario

Winning a title marks the victory of the players and in most cases are the steps to reach out to the next level of playing. There are greatest female tennis players who have crossed this line and have reached better and unreachable heights in tennis by winning record number of titles. The list given below comprises of the top ten best female tennis players who have accomplished the most and unreachable position by gaining the most number of titles in their career stint in tennis.  These greatest female tennis players have won the championship in different backgrounds and are considered to be some of the most flexible players of all time. The Single’s tournament in tennis is definitely a tough thing to win but there are few women who have had a continuous wins. The Grand Slam titles are comprised of four major tournaments in tennis. The French Open, the Australian Open, the US Open and the Wimbledon Women Championship games. Some of the best female tennis players who won the most tennis Grand Slam titles are:

  1. Martina Navratilova
  2. Billie Jean King
  3. Chris Evert
  4. Margaret Court
  5. Pam Shriver
  6. Steffi Graf
  7. Jana Novotná
  8. Arantxa Sánchez Vicario
  9. Lindsay Davenport
  10. Natasha Zvereva

These perfect professional tennis female players have proved their spirit by winning in the different surfaces of the courts that includes the clay, grass and the hard courts. It is vital that a tennis player should hone his play according to the necessities of these different kinds of court surfaces. Each court requires an altogether different approach and winning the titles in all classes is only proof of the flexibility of these players. These women have diplomatically managed the game and have taken the tennis world to a better level with their unique style. These ten are the astounding women in tennis.

Top ten female earners of tennis-All time

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Maria Sharapova, Top ten female earners of tennis-All time

It is a common factor that tennis has attained a greater height in terms of payment for the past few decades. The game which was originally offering rewards and trophies had taken a refreshing turn and included prize money. The prize money differs from tournament to tournament. Now, the winning tennis players are presented with a trophy and a huge amount of prize monies. The games popularity has unlocked the tennis players to a wide range of earning options such as modeling and advertising. Champions in tennis have made a lot through ads and some even act as brand ambassadors for some of the famous global companies. Since the tennis champions have a huge fan base the companies and agencies profit extensively from their fame and are prepared to pay a good sum of amount in order to get their consent. Some of the hottest tennis players display an impeccable style and sense of brilliance not only in the game but also in all their social lives. It comes as no surprise that these famous female tennis players are the preferred lot among the people. Some of the top female earners of tennis are given below. The list is on the top ten earning women in the world of tennis:

  1. Maria Sharapova
  2. Elena Dementieva
  3. Serena Williams
  4. Venus Williams
  5. Justine Henen
  6. Ana Ivanovic
  7. Jelena Jankovic
  8. Anastasia Myskina
  9. Anna Kournikova
  10. Maria Kirilenko

If you put in little analysis, you will find that these champions with impeccable energy and drive and have made a huge fan base for their drive and enigmatic nature. Some of these women have already stopped playing tennis but are still found in the top ten slots. They are definitely worth their stuff and they deserve to be the top female earners in the tennis ground.

Top ten female number one ranked in tennis-All time

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Martina Hingis, Wimbledon, Top ten female number one ranked in tennis-All time

There is no doubt that tennis is one of the most popular game forms that has gathered the consideration of people throughout the world. Tennis has seen some of the most versatile and greatest tennis players in its long journey over several decades. Some brilliant performers have managed, in fact, fought their way out to stay at the top despite the tough competition. The game needs a lot of dedication, determination and perseverance. Also, it requires a lot of focus and attention. Every second and each shot in the tennis games accounts for the victory of the tennis players. If the concentration is missed even for a second then the game gets out of hand. Such is the toughness associated with the game. Tennis is played on different surfaces that accounts for an ultimate game play. The game tests the skills of the players in different playing fields and surface. Tennis is played on different kinds of surfaces – grass, clay and concrete. Each of these surfaces requires an entirely different set of performance and strategy. Everything right from the basic aspect of speed, bounce, control and movement varies according to the surface layer of the court. It is just amazing that few of the best tennis players have managed to surpass all these hardships and managed to hold the highest and prestigious position that holds a record on its own. These are some famous female tennis players in tennis who have stayed in the top positions and have held the number one positions.

  1. Suzanne Lenglen
  2. Helen Wills Moody
  3. Margaret Osborne DuPont
  4. Maureen Connolly Brinker
  5. Margaret Court
  6. Chris Evert
  7. Martina Navratilova
  8. Stefi Graf
  9. Monica Seles
  10. Martina Hingis

These extraordinary women have been the dazzlers in the tennis world as they held the number one positions and created a path for the generations to come.

Top ten female tennis players of French Open

Top ten female tennis players of French Open, Suzanne Lenglen

French Open Championship is held in Paris, France and is one of the celebrated tournaments in the world. The French Open tennis has got immense popularity and is trailed by a large number of the people throughout the world. French Open tournaments are always played on the clay court which calls for an extra edge over the game as it is not an easy affair to win the tournament in a clay court. The court lowers the ball and increases the bouncing capacity of the ball thereby making it an absolutely swift game. It has been very well proved that winning a French Championship tournament will greatly influence the tennis players’ career as it is measured to be a tough game in contrast to all other tournaments in tennis. Since the ball bounces with great speed the player tennis must be really good to spot the turn of the ball and should be prepared for any surprise moves. The top ten famous female tennis players in French Open Championship are listed below:

  1. Chris Evert
  2. Steffi Graf
  3. Suzanne Lenglen
  4. Margaret Court
  5. Françoise Masson
  6. Kate Gillou
  7. Justine Henin
  8. Jeanne Matthey
  9. Helen Wills
  10. Monica Seles

On the whole, the French open tournament is considered to be one tournament that requires a big deal of physical actions. The players need to have a total direction over themselves and the field and requires being remarkably quicker upon which the triumph of the championship lies. This elite group of greatest female tennis players have established their courage in clay court games and in turn have imprinted their way to the Championship positions that they hold today. The commitment and the kind of enthusiasm and fervor they showed towards the game have brought them to be in the list of top ten championships of all times in the sturdy game of French Open Single’s Championship.

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