Tennis skills and techniques: Forehand

by on February 27, 2010
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Noval Djokovic, Tennis skills and techniques: Forehand

Tennis is a game of sheer skill requiring power and mental toughness. One needs to master all the shots including forehand in order to become a champion player. If one of the shots is a weakness of any player, it will be exploited by the opposition. Let us master the art of playing forehand shots tennis. A forehand shot is such a shot played by swinging across the racquet against the body and in the direction where the player wants the ball to go. For the right-hand players, forehand shot starts at the right hand side of the body, swings across while making the contact with the ball and ends at the left hand side of the body. For the left-hand player, this is exactly opposite as it starts on the left hand side of the body, swings across and ends at the right side.

The forehand shot is known to be one of the very easy shots in tennis which is not hard to master. There are two types of forehand shots, single-handed and double-handed. Single-handed forehand shots are played with a single hand and it applies less power where as double-handed forehand shot applies the full power of the body while playing the shot.

Some of the players with great forehand include Sampras, Borg, Nadal. Federer, Djokovic, Becker, Courier and Lendl. One of the most astounding name in the forehand excellence is Robin Soderling who within a limited time has become a threat due to his excellent forehand skills.