Winners of most French Open doubles titles

Winners of most French Open doubles titles, Max Decugis

In a limited area of the Garros court, four players, two on each side of the net, move back and forth and sit around waiting for their turn to play. Wait a minute. Four players in one court? Yes! We are talking about the Men’s Doubles title which is always a treat to watch, as no matter how much the Garros produces friction, the game goes on really quickly. The four men manage to run around the court and work out with their partners in developing the best coordination to play the shots.

Like all other Grand Slams, Garros also provide a platform for doubles and always an interesting watch. Many records have been set in the doubles title of Garros in the past which includes the male tennis stars who won the most doubles titles and those who won the consecutive double titles as well. So here is a quick flashback!

Era before 1968

The 14 titles of men’s double before 1968 belonged to Max Decugis who with his excellent play made this record and got massive fame. Along with him, Roy Emerson claimed six doubles titles before 1968.

Era after 1967

After 1967, Paul Haarhuis, Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Leander Paes won three doubles titles.

Consecutive win of doubles titles

Along with this, there are players who have set the record of consecutive wins of doubles titles in Garros. The era could be divided into the following:

Era before 1968

Max Decugis won 13 consecutive doubles titles from year 1902 to 1914. Till this date, no one in the tennis world has reached this record. Along with him, again it’s Roy Emerson who won 6 titles of doubles between 1960 and 1965.

Era after 1967

After 1967, Gene Mayer won twice with Hank Pfister and Sandy Mayor in 1978 and 1979. Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Daniel Vacek won consecutively twice in 1996 and 1997 respectively. Last in Jonas Bjorkman and Max Mirnyi won two consecutive doubles titles in the years 2005 and 2006.

As the Garros event takes place every year, there is an opportunity for young lads like Nadal to break one of these records or at least level them.

A big applause for the legendary players!

Most men’s singles titles winners on Roland Garros

Most men's singles titles winners on Roland Garros, Nadal and Borg

While Garros 2010 is becoming thrilling day by day, sneak peak in to the past legendary players sounds tempting. Many of the new tennis stars are making new records or leveling the existing ones. The prominent names in the battle of conquering the new records are Roger and Nadal. In Garros 2010, both the players have ample records in basket for them. Few of them have been set and few are still to be conquered. The battle on beautiful clay is heating up!

To cool down the heat, why not have a flash back into the legendary players who have been rocking the Garros land with their marvel drop shots, serves, back hand, fore hand, aces and celebrating styles. So come along and have a flashback.

Men since 1981 have been performing at their best and few names have been recorded in the history with their never ending glory. One such category is the maximum titles won by men on Garros. The era starts since 1981 and goes like:

Winner of most men’s singles titles

Before 1925 on Garros

Before 1925, it was Max Decugis who won eight Garros titles from 1903-1914. But the French Open had a club level and the event never opened for the armature players.

From 1925-1967 on Garros

During this time, Henri Cochet won 4 Garros titles which also included the World Hard Court Championship.

After 1967 on Garros

After 1967 till date, only Bjorn Borg has been able to claim 6 Garros titles. Borg has been called the King of Clay for that reason.

You might be wondering that who could break the record of Bjorn Borg and become the Clay King of this generation. Of course it’s none other than Rafa who has already claimed 6 Garros Grand Slam titles and equal to Bjorn.