Top ten female tennis players of Wimbledon

by on December 10, 2010
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Martina, Navratilova, Top ten female tennis players of Wimbledon

Generally, Wimbledon tournament matches are played after the well-known hard court Australian Open Championship and the clay court French Open Championship tournaments. Wimbledon is one of the major tennis tournament played in the year. Wimbledon tournament bears with itself classiness and the noble patronage. The grass court is the perfect spot where the Wimbledon tournament takes place each year. Wimbledon is a principal game in tennis and looked upon with great expectation by every single tennis fan. The game has amassed a lot of interest and fame. Wimbledon is one tennis tournament which has got a huge fan group throughout the world. It is not an astonishing fact that the Champions of Wimbledon benefit from a unique attention among the tennis supporters in link with all other form of tournaments in tennis. Wimbledon Championships are measured as the perfect win in the game of tennis and hence every single tennis player will struggle to get it in their lifetime. It is a dream for many tennis aspirants which have been achieved by few talented and greatest female tennis players who top the list of the top ten champions who have proved to be masters in tennis by showcasing to the world some of the stunning performances of all time. These famous female tennis players have come to be known as the peak performers of all time with their record feat that has swept the audience completely. The top ten best female tennis players in Wimbledon Champions are listed below:

  1. Martina Navratilova
  2. Helen Wills Moody
  3. Dorothea Douglass Lambert Chambers
  4. Steffi Graf
  5. Blanche Bingley
  6. Billie Jean King
  7. Suzanne Lenglen
  8. Charlotte Cooper Sterry
  9. Lottie Dod
  10. Venus Williams

These famous female tennis players are certainly the masters of the tennis world. Each of them has their own approach and control on the game and it is hard to overlook the fantastic games these dazzlers have played so far.

Graff vs. Navratilova Rivalry at Wimbledon

Graff vs. Navratilova Rivalry at Wimbledon

When they came to Wimbledon in 1988, famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova arrived on the grass courts riding a wave of six consecutive women’s titles. Then, of course, she had also beaten the best tennis playerSteffi Graff the year before. While Graff carried a number one ranking, it still seemed, to many fans, to be a foregone conclusion that Martina would win again.

Martina did win the first set, 7-5 and her fans were ecstatic while Steffi’s faithful following were beginning to wonder if the young German player were under some sort of Wimbledon curse. After all, Steffi had just beaten the greatest ever tennis player Chris Evert at the Australian Open and then gone on to win the French Open, as well. Still, here was Martina Navratilova, winning the first two games of the second set and many of Graff’s fans began to expect a repeat of her previous year’s loss. Then, the tides took an abrupt turn. Steffi seemed to wake up and began to put her legendary forehand and that backhand slice to work. She won six games in a row and took the set 6-2.

Then, the two faced off for a final set. Graff shot out with a 5-1 lead over Martina who took a 40-love lead but with a pair of double-faults, the score came up deuce. Steffi then took the game, the set and the match. She had dethroned Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon and, unknowingly, yet another of tennis’ infamous rivalries had begun.

Famous German female tennis player Graff would repeat her win over Martina in the 1989 final and go on to win seven Wimbledon singles titles of her own. She never managed to equal Martina’s unmatched success at the prestigious British tournament, and the rivalry faded as the two drifted slowly towards retirement. Still, while it lasted, it made for some great tennis and matches between the two were always packed to capacity by fans that wanted to see what two of the greatest women players in history facing off was really like.