Popular Tennis Player Mariano Puerta

Mariano Puerta

Mariano Ruben Puerto, a former Argentine professional male tennis player was born in the year 1978 on 19th Septmber in San Francisco, Cordoba.  He started playing tennis at the age of seven, with his father, Ruben a tennis coach who used to guide his son. He is the eldest among the three siblings, two brothers and one sister. He used to devote sufficient time both to studies and tennis in his childhood, so as to meet his great interest for sports. He is famous for reaching to French Open Final. This achievement he made in 2005. He was the runners up as Nadal won the final in four sets. However, he attained a status of 9th seed after winning 3 single titles.

Mariano reached Roland Garros junior final in 1995 and won South American Championship the same year. Peurta made his presentation in the year 1996 on the ATP Tour. In 1998 he won his first title in Palermo, Italy. He accomplished his premier year end status of 21 seed in 2000. However, the same year he had to undergo a wrist surgery which abstained him from playing his favourite sport for several months. In 2005, Peurta made a stupendous flood back appearance on the ATP by endearing the identity in Casablanca. He backed it with the finals of the French Open, one of the most esteemed clay tournaments held in the world. Nevertheless, he had attained to 9th seed in the ATP list by August 2005.