US Open Winners and Runner-Ups (Male) – from 1979-1970

Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe, US Open Winners and Runner-Ups Male, from 1979-1970

The era of 1979-1970 shows the superiority of United State’s players. Among the famous male tennis player names from United States were Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. One of the Australian tennis player names which shows little dominance is of Ken Rosewall, winning the title once and ending up runner up in 1974. The list of male winners and runner-ups of U.S Open Tennis Championship during 1979-1970 is as follow:

Year 1979-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1979: John McEnroe
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1979: Vitas Gerulaitis

Year 1978-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1978: Jimmy Connors
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1978: Bjorn Borg

Year 1977-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1977: Guillermo Vilas
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1977: Jimmy Connors

Year 1976-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1976: Jimmy Connors
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1976: Bjorn Borg

Year 1975-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1975: Manuel Orantes
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1975: Jimmy Connors

Year 1974-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1974: Jimmy Connors
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1974: Ken Rosewall

Year 1973-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1973: John Newcombe
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1973: Jan Kodes

Year 1972-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1972: Ilie Nastase
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1972: Arthur Ashe

Year 1971-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1971: Stan Smith
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1971: Jan Kodes

Year 1970-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-1970: Ken Rosewall
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-1970: Tony Roche

Famous rivalries: John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors & Don Budge vs. Gottfried von Cramm

Famous rivalries: John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors & Don Budge vs. Gottfried von Cramm

John McEnroe vs. Jimmy Connors

Winning the 1980’s U.S Open in the epic 5th set win of 7-6, after loosing the third set 0-6, was a miraculous come back of one the legendry tennis players i.e. John McEnroe, against the bitter and nerve cracking opponent Jimmy Connors, which forced Jimmy Connors to make the statement “something like that never goes away, especially between Mac and myself”.

The epic battle of bitter rivalry between the two J’s, John and his fellow U.S opponent Jimmy, led the United States tennis flying high on the clouds of victory and honors, thus always giving the spectators a true reward of their money and time in the shape of the utter excitement and the peak of professional tennis. Both the U.S tennis giants met 34 times in the time span of 1977 to 1991, with John McEnroe leading the battle 20-14.

The stirred rivalry has generated few of the greatest matches in the history of the tennis, putting the buzz in the minds of the fans, as to who is better. A question remains unanswered to till date.

Don Budge vs. Gottfried von Cramm

Gottfried Alexander Maximilian Walter Kurt Freiherr von Cramm commonly known on the court as “Baron”,  a German tennis star remained under the stir rivalry of a United States tennis giant and former world no. 1 Don Budge.

The rivalry become the fight for prestige and honor, in a nerve wrecking battle between the two in Davis Cup Final in Wimbledon in 1937, under the shores of the world war and the war of the tennis between the Germany and the United States. In the epic decider, Budge was down and Gottfried von Cramm had the decisive lead of 4-1, but then Budge fought back and won the historical match by 8-6, and sealed the victory for United States.

Budge was famous for his all round game, with the combination of strong volleys, powerful serve and great technique. He turned himself into a world class player and eventually world number one. Gottfried von Cramm had a controversial tennis career filled by imprisonment and other accusations, which reduced his tennis career and quality of game.

Their rivalry was not a rivalry of individuals; instead it turned out to be the rivalry between the two countries which makes it famous and controversial worldwide.


Famous Swedish male tennis player: Mats Wilander

Famous Swedish male tennis player: Mats Wilander

Famous and legendary male tennis player, Mats Wilander is a Swedish tennis player born on August 22, 1964. His exemplary and impeccable game play helped him endeavor the World No. 1 rank. From 1982-1988, Mats Wilander with his top-notch performances won seven Grand Slam singles titles and one men’s double Grand Slam title. In year 1988, Mats Wilander won three of the four Grand Slams and ranked World No. 1.Although Mats never won the Wimbledon singles title, but he did win the Australian Open title twice when it was still being played on the grass court. For this reason, Mats Wilander is one of the five men (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi and Jimmy Connors) who won the singles titles on hard courts, grass courts and clay courts. Rafael Nadal and Mats Wilendar are the only two tennis players to have won at least 2 Grand Slam singles’ titles on each of 3 surfaces. Windler won his fourth tennis Grand Slam singles title at the age of 20 which made him the youngest tennis player to achieve this milestone in the history of tennis. Some other career highlights and records of best Swedish male tennis player, Mats Wilander are:

1)      Major titles won by Mats Wilander are:

  1. Australian Singles titles: 1983, 1984, 1988
  2. French Singles titles: 1982, 1985, 1988
  3. US Singles titles: 1988
  4. Wimbledon doubles: 1986

2)      Davis Cup, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 with a record 36-14 in singles and 7-2 in doubles.

3)      Singles record in the Grand Slams: Australian (36-7), Wimbledon (25-10), French (47-9) and US (36-11)

4)      Mats Wilnder is the only player to have achieve the World No. 1 rank after winning the most number of Grand Slams.

5)      Mats Wilendar shares the record of appearing in three consecutive Australian Open finals with Ivan Lendl

Famous female tennis players: Chris Evert

Famous female tennis players: Chris Evert

Chris Evert, a famous female tennis player, was born on December 21, 1954 in Florida. Due to her excellent tennis skills including two fisted backhand and poise on court helped Chris Evert became champion in 1974-1986. Chris Evert got her first limelight when she won over the top-ranked tennis player, Margaret Court. Chris Evert used to be calm and cool on the court which gave her the nicknames Ice Maiden and Ice Princess. During 1974-76, Chris Evert had a romance with famous male tennis player, Jimmy Connors which was enough to give her a celebrity status. In the era of late 70s, tennis fans enjoyed the rivalry of two best female tennis players, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova.

Chris Evert was considered as the female counterpart of tennis legend, Bjorn Borg as Evert holds the longest winning streak with 125 single consecutive titles on clay court. She was a versatile player who won all four grand slams and also set a record of winning the most US Open titles (6).

Chris Evert holds 157 singles titles, 8 double titles with 18 Grand Slam singles in her career titles. Other career highlights of famous female tennis player, Chris Evert are:

1)      Chris Evert won 7 French Open titles (1974, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1985 and 1986)

2)      Chris Evert won 2 Australian Open titles (1982, 1984)

3)      Chris claimed 3 Wimbledon titles (1974, 1976 and 1981)

4)      Evert claimed 6 US Open tennis titles (1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980  and 1982)

 Chris Evert enjoyed an intense rivalry against Martina Navratilova. Both these players ruled every court and faced each other either in the finals or semi-finals. The record number of French Open titles by Chris Evert is still an unbroken record.

Left-handed/Oldest men/women champions of Australian Open singles title

Australian Open tennis

Left-handed people are often referred as left geniuses. As far as research has shown, left-handed people are commonly the highest achievers. This is due to the fact that the way their brain is structured helps in widening their abilities. Left-handed people have not only been successful in arts or mathematics but many prominent names in the field of sports are also left-handed. From cricket to tennis, left-handed players have set records. In the Australian Open, many left-handed men/women tennis players performed extremely well and claimed the Australian Open Singles title. Here are the famous left-handed men/women tennis players who won the Australian Open singles titles:

Best Left-handed Australian open men’s singles title winners:

1)      Horace Rice (1907)

2)      Norman Brookes (1911)

3)      John Hawked (1926)

4)      Mervyn Rose (1954)

5)      Rod Laver (1960,1962,1969)

6)      Jimmy Connors (1974)

7)      Guillermo Vilas ( 1978,1979)

8)      Roscoe Tanner (1977)

9)      Petr Korda (1998)

Left-handed Australian Open women’s single title winners:

1)      Martina Navratilova (1981, 1983, 1985)

2)      Monica Seles (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996)

Oldest men/women champions of Australian Open titles (singles and doubles)

Human propensity always allows it to revive its energy and perform at its best before exiting in any field. It all depends on the determination and passion to bring success for a person even at the oldest age. The case is the same with sports which allow every player to renew his or her passion and energy. In this revival, many players set records for all times to come. Tennis has been one such platform for many best tennis players who, even after taking long breaks during their playing career, made a comeback and set records. The Australian Open is also one such Grand Slam where the oldest tennis players made absolutely stunning comebacks and won the Australian Open championship. Here are the oldest men/women tennis champions of Australian Open titles in Singles and Doubles tournaments:

1)      Oldest male tennis champion of the Australian Open men’s single title is Ken Rosewall (37 years, two months) in year 1972

2)      Oldest female tennis champion champion of the Australian Open women’s title is Thelma Long (35 years, eight months) in year 1954

3)      Oldest male tennis champion of the Australian Open men’s doubles title is Norman Brookes (46 years, two months) in year 1924

4)      Oldest female tennis champion of the Australian Open women’s double titles is Thelma Long (37 years, seven months) in year 1956

Top ten male tennis players of US Open-All time

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Top ten male tennis players of US Open-All time, Jimmy Connors

The US Tennis Open is one of the grand slam tennis tournaments that bring the best tennis players to prove their mettle on the hard court. It is an annual tournament that is conducted between the months August and September. The US open has grown to a great level in the past few years and has come  to be a favorite tournament of the tennis fans. The US Open is the last of the grand slam series of tournaments in tennis. The court surfaces for the US Open have changed to different surfaces before finalized upon the hard court surface. Now, the US Open is played on the hard court (concrete) surface. The US open has a very neutral field in comparison to other courts. Men who have proved to be champions in the US open are considered to be great players as it is  a level playing field for all players. The Men US Open champions have showcased to the world some of the best games ever in the world of tennis. These men are real heroes when it comes to the game of tennis and have given the world some of themost fantastic games in tennis ever. Their commitment and passion towards the game have made them the survivors in the top ten spots in the US Open games.

The  champions below are the evergreen heroes in the US Open Men Single’s Champions.

  1. William Larned
  2. Richard Sears
  3. Bill Tilden
  4. Jimmy Connors
  5. Roger Federer
  6. Pete Sampras
  7. John McEnroe
  8. Robert Wrenn
  9. Oliver Campbell
  10. Fred Perry

These men have created great  records that are hard to surpass even at a stage much ahead of them. Their contribution gave a new dimension to the game.

Grand Slam: US Open

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Grand Slam: US Open

The United States Open tennis championship is the fourth and final Grand Slam of tennis tournament every year. Held in August and September every year for 2 weeks, the championship was started in 1881 and is now played at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis. There are final set tie breaks in US Open tournament, however, in other Grand Slams tournaments; the deciding set is continued until it is won by 2 games. The event features men’s and women’s doubles, men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles. You also get to see junior, senior and wheelchair players.

Originally played on grass, the US open shifted to Har-Tru clay courts in 1975 for three years. The US Open surface again changed to current Deco Turf and the game is still played on the same surface. The fast surface offers much less friction and low bounce, thus benefitting serve-and-volley players. Jimmy Connors won the US Open singles title on all surfaces. Hawk-Eye computer system was implemented for the first time in 2006 which facilitated immediate replay reviews of calls. While the outer courts are green, the inner courts are given blue color for more visibility of the ball on a TV screen.

The main court is the Arthur Ashe Stadium with 24,000 seats. Other courts are Louis Armstrong Stadium with a seating capacity of 10,000 seats and Grandstand Stadium with more than 1000 seats. There are 600 male and female professional players who fight for prize money of over US$19 million. While Juan Martin Del Potro defeated Roger Federer in the Men’s Singles in 2009, Kim Clijsters defeated Caroline Wozniacki in Women’s singles.

Mystery of the Clay

Mystery of the Clay

Tennis history is full of eminent names and great games. Players come and go leaving behind there traces of success and defeat. However, the enigma of red clay at the Roland Garros is still the same since the first day and is still a hard nut to crack. It has some unusual characteristics which keep the players perplexed and all the time test their skills and grandeur. Unlike grass courts, the clay court never gives a second chance to the players to recover once they lost their technique to meet the standards of this court. The French Open is one such competition with big guns like Sampras, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors and Roger Federer who have never won their victory caps as they have never won any French Open in their awe-inspiring histories of Grand Slams. They loved Wimbledon, they enjoyed US Open and Australian Open, but the French Open has always remained a dream for them that that has never come true.

Unlike the grass courts, the game at Roland Garros is all about exhibiting stamina and strength and as to how long a player can hold himself to play on clay. Once he or she is worn out, the game can go to an opponent in the blink of an eye. Players with stamina always win the laurels at the French Open. However, for those who lack resilience, the French Open is just a fascination for them.