Top ten female tennis players with the most Australian Open titles

Martina Hingis, Top ten female tennis players with the most Australian Open titles

Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year and the players are judged pretty much for their performance in this slam. The tennis fans use the results to predict the future for every tennis player in the calender year. Australian Open offers a very exciting start of the year with indoor beautiful courts. The crowd cheers for not only Australian but other players as well, making the Australian summer much more overwhelming for every tennis fan.

A three-set tennis game, particularly for women, has been offering plenty of excitement as the game is fast and ends usually in a victory after two sets. From clay’s slower-paced games to hard court play, famous female tennis players have been casting spells with their magical play. The former female champion of the Australian Open title is Serena Williams, who also won the doubles championship with her sister Venus Williams in the same year for the second consecutive year as well. With the Bryan brothers and Williams sisters winning the doubles for second consecutive year, they were the second siblings to set this record.

The list of the ten female tennis players with most Australian Open titles is:

1)      Margaret Smith Court

2)      Nancye Wynne Bolton

3)      Steffi Graf

4)      Evonne Goolagong-Cawley

5)      Thelma Coyne Long

6)      Martina Hingis

7)      Monica Seles

8)      Serena Williams

9)      Jennifer Capriati

10)   Joan Hartigan Bathurst

Among these ten top ten female tennis players with the most Australian Open titles, greatest tennis player Margaret Smith Court secured 7 Australian Open titles and still enjoys this record. Who could possibly break this record? 

Most aces by female players in the Australian Open Tennis

Most aces by female players in the Australian Open, Sabatini

There are very few female tennis players who have an aggressive playing style. If you see a three set game of women playing tennis, you will probably notice a rather steady game with shots being played for a longer while which means there’s less chance that any ace will take place. Similarly, the serve of mostly female players is not very aggressive, which leads to fewer aces during a match.

However, things start to change when it comes to the famous USA female tennis player Williams sisters who enthrall the opponents with their steaming fast serves and aces. USA tennis players Venus and Serena Williams are the leading ace scorers in the Australian Open by far. Venus Williams also holds the record of most aces in a match at Wimbledon. In addition to these two names, famous female tennis player Jennifer Capriati is also the leading ace scorer of Australian Open. The last name in this list is the gorgeous and hottest female tennis player Gabriela Sabatini who, with her strong play style, was able to serve numerous aces in the Australian Open.

As the overall game pace has slowed down due to player preference at playing from the baseline, the chances of ace have lowered. The game is relatively slower for women with lots of grunting presently.

Youngest and Oldest Seeded Players in Grand Slams

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Youngest and Oldest Seeded Players in Grand Slams

We all love the championships in which our best and favorite players are rivals to each other. The players that will play in the championships are the lowest seeds. A “seed” is a ranking of players that will play in the knockout tournaments, such as Wimbledon. The win-loss and other related data about the competitors is analyzed and they are ranked accordingly. The player seeded 1st is the most favorite one for that tournament and it is assumed that he will be the best player throughout the tournament and will win it, as well. In singles Grand Slams, 32 seeds are needed that means 32 of the best players of that gender will compete in the Grand Slam.

Age has never been considered important as long as the player is in his best form during the game and in his career. This is why there have been tennis players who at a very old age were able to own a respectable seed by winning the grand slam championship. Here are the youngest and oldest seeded players in Grand Slams: 

Youngest seed in the Grand Slams:

The youngest male seed to have played so far is Sweden’s B. R. Borg who played in a Grand Slam at the age of 17 years in 1973. The youngest female seed was USA’s Jennifer Capriati in 1999; she was 14 years old then.

Oldest seed in the Grand Slams:

The oldest seed in men’s singles was USA’s R. A. Gonzales. He played in the Grand Slam at the age of 41 years in 1969. Among women, the oldest seed was also from USA. L. W. King played at the age of 39 years in 1983 Grand Slam.

Famous female tennis players: Jennifer Capriati

Famous female tennis players: Jennifer Capriati

Famous female tennis player, Jennifer Capriati started her professional career in 1990, though before that she played as a junior player and claimed 3 singles and one doubles title. The American female tennis players, Jennifer won her first professional title in October that year. By the end of 1990, she had already made it to the top ten in the world tennis ranking all the way to the eighth place. In all, she won one doubles title and 14 singles.

Soon, the young girl fell a victim to drugs. It gave a serious blow to her career. An event of shop lifting in 1993 followed by arrest due to possession of drugs in May 1994 made her take a break from her career. When Capriati turned 18, she moved out of her parents’ home into her own apartment. She was arrested in Florida along with her two friends for possession of drugs. On investigation, her friends told the police that she had been taking drugs for the past year. It was a pressure on her, as it has been a teen sensation that turned her towards drugs.

This was a big set-back for Jennifer Capriati however; she joined a rehabilitation centre and soon came back to the tennis world. In November 1994, she played in a tournament but was knocked out in the first round. She took a 15 months break and returned. She gained her first title six years after this incident. She took back her top ranking in 2001. She has been a constant victim of injuries since 2003 after being knocked out in the first round of the Australian Open. She issued a statement in 2007 that she was determined to make a comeback to international tennis.