Popular Tennis Player Guillermo Vilas

Guillermo Vilas

Guillermo Vilas is a former tennis player from Argentina. At the height of his career he was ranked World No.2 in the ATP men’s singles rankings.

He won four grand slam singles titles. The French Open and the US Open in 1977 both played on clay at the time and the Australian Open in the years 1978 and 1979 then played on grass. Vilas was the runner up at French Open three times and the Australian Open, once. He won the year end Master’s Grand Prix title in 1974.

The year 1977 saw the glory of Vilas’s tennis career. He won two of the four Grand Slam titles namely the French Open and the US Open. He won 16 ATP titles out of the 31 he played. His record for the year was 145 wins to just 15 losses. During the same year Vilas won 72 of the last 73 ATP matches excluding the year-end Master’s Championships. The highest point of this phenomenal run was when he defeated Jimmy Connors in the US Open Final at Forest Hills, winning 2–6, 6–3, 7–6(4), 6–0.

Vilas holds the record of a winning streak and most titles won in a single year. He holds a 46-match all surface winning streak which remains unrivalled to this day and won seven consecutive titles. He also held the record of a 53-match winning streak on clay courts until 2006 when it was broken by Rafael Nadal.

In 1977 even though he had won 16 ATP titles including two Grand Slam titles he was never ranked World No.1 by ATP. The way in which ATP calculates its rankings now Vilas would have been the World No.1.

Left-handed/Oldest men/women champions of Australian Open singles title

Australian Open tennis

Left-handed people are often referred as left geniuses. As far as research has shown, left-handed people are commonly the highest achievers. This is due to the fact that the way their brain is structured helps in widening their abilities. Left-handed people have not only been successful in arts or mathematics but many prominent names in the field of sports are also left-handed. From cricket to tennis, left-handed players have set records. In the Australian Open, many left-handed men/women tennis players performed extremely well and claimed the Australian Open Singles title. Here are the famous left-handed men/women tennis players who won the Australian Open singles titles:

Best Left-handed Australian open men’s singles title winners:

1)      Horace Rice (1907)

2)      Norman Brookes (1911)

3)      John Hawked (1926)

4)      Mervyn Rose (1954)

5)      Rod Laver (1960,1962,1969)

6)      Jimmy Connors (1974)

7)      Guillermo Vilas ( 1978,1979)

8)      Roscoe Tanner (1977)

9)      Petr Korda (1998)

Left-handed Australian Open women’s single title winners:

1)      Martina Navratilova (1981, 1983, 1985)

2)      Monica Seles (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996)

Oldest men/women champions of Australian Open titles (singles and doubles)

Human propensity always allows it to revive its energy and perform at its best before exiting in any field. It all depends on the determination and passion to bring success for a person even at the oldest age. The case is the same with sports which allow every player to renew his or her passion and energy. In this revival, many players set records for all times to come. Tennis has been one such platform for many best tennis players who, even after taking long breaks during their playing career, made a comeback and set records. The Australian Open is also one such Grand Slam where the oldest tennis players made absolutely stunning comebacks and won the Australian Open championship. Here are the oldest men/women tennis champions of Australian Open titles in Singles and Doubles tournaments:

1)      Oldest male tennis champion of the Australian Open men’s single title is Ken Rosewall (37 years, two months) in year 1972

2)      Oldest female tennis champion champion of the Australian Open women’s title is Thelma Long (35 years, eight months) in year 1954

3)      Oldest male tennis champion of the Australian Open men’s doubles title is Norman Brookes (46 years, two months) in year 1924

4)      Oldest female tennis champion of the Australian Open women’s double titles is Thelma Long (37 years, seven months) in year 1956

Record Holders of French Open (Men)

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Record Holders of French Open (Men), Rafael Nadal

The history of the French Open Tennis  is full of ups and downs. Some became kings and for some there was nothing. Looking at the record book of the French Open Tennis, Bjorn Borg with six single titles and Henri Cochet with four hold the top two slots. Rafael Nadal stands by them as he has broken equalled the record of Bjorn with 6 titles. Nadal has already bagged 6 consecutive French Open Tennis titles and is eyeing for a 7th one. Again, most consecutive titles are held by Bjorn Borg, which is now shared by Rafael Nadal. At the Roland Garros, Henri Cochet has won the most titles in all events where he has won four singles, three doubles and two mixed.

The most Open Era match-winning Tennis player was Guillermo Vilas with stats of 56-17 followed by Ivan Lendl and Andre Agassi registering corresponding figures of 53-12 and 51-15. The double title ace goes to Roy Emerson as he has won six double titles in the French Open. The youngest tennis champion at the Roland Garros was Michael Chang, who won the trophy in 1989 at the age of 17 years and 3 months; Mats Wilander is the next champion to follow who at the age of 17 years and 9 months created history in 1982. Bjorn Borg won the French Open crown in 1974 at the age of 18 years.