Top ten female tennis players of hard court

by on December 10, 2010
in Grand Slam: US Open

Lindsay Davenport, Top ten female tennis players of hard court

The common base for a hard court is asphalt and concrete. The asphalt or concrete is generally made of padded material with rubbery coatings a thin sealer and special paint. Hard courts can vary in speed and ball bounce depending on their composition. The hard courts at the US Open are made of Deco Turf which gives good speed. The Australian Open uses Rebound Ace that gives excellent bounce. Hard Court tennis is similar to that of clay court tennis and is played on a concrete surface. Unlike grass court, hard court helps the ball to bounce at a greater height. Hard courts usually have a faster-paced ball that gives a very quick bounces. Some of the top tournaments like that of Australian Open Championship and US Open Championship are played in the hard court. Hard courts are the most preferred ground of all other surfaces. The reasoning at the back the favoritism and status is that it gives a more level playing field for the parties. One of the most striking features about hard courts is that it is easy to preserve them unlike other courts. Hard court games prove to be the most entertaining grounds for tennis for all. The impartiality of the hard courts is because of the fact that it provides a favorable ground for all kinds of players. It is a readily obtainable ground and does not require much of work for surfacing like the clay and the grass courts. The hard court is the best ground for power-packed presentations that put great force in the game. The top ten famous and best female tennis players performing at their best on hard court are:

  1. Lindsay Davenport
  2. Steffi Graf
  3. Chris Evert
  4. Monica Seles
  5. Kim Clijsters
  6. Venus Williams
  7. Serena Williams
  8. Justine Henin
  9. Martina Navratilova
  10. Helen Jacobs

Both defensive players and the power players find hard court easy to play on. It proves to be the best ground to showcase the real talent in the player.

Top ten male tennis players who won most titles on Grass Court

by on December 10, 2010
in Grand Slam: Wimbledon

Top ten male tennis players who won most titles on Grass Court, Bunny Austin

Grass court tennis tournaments are the most interesting and at the same time challenging games that requires a lot of spirit and focus. The popularity of the grass court games are spoken of even now. Earlier there were only two forms of tennis court surfaces. Grass court is one of them. As time passed more court surfaces came to be in existence. Before the advent of other courts, grass courts were the most prominent of courts used for playing tennis tournaments. Almost all of the tennis tournaments were dependent on the grass court surfaces. The hard court surfaces then came into existence and added altogether a new arena to the world of tennis tournaments. Winning a grass court game is definitely a tough task. A Grass court brings down the ball’s bounce thus needs an extra amount of force to make the ball to go high and bounce. The ball needs to be hit fast and with great force in order to make it bounce in a grass court field. These aspects make up for the kind of force and power packed performance necessary to win the game. It is difficult to get a single title in grass court but a few best male tennis players have strived hard to get a string of titles in the grass court field. These famous male tennis players have molded themselves according to the grass court conditions and have mastered them in course of time. Given below is the list of greatest male tennis players with most titles in grass court tennis.

  1. Pete Sampras
  2. William Renshaw
  3. Roger Federer
  4. Björn Borg
  5. Lawrence Doherty
  6. Reginald Doherty
  7. Rod Laver
  8. Anthony Wilding
  9. Wilfred Baddeley
  10. Boris Becker

These players are the legends of the grass court tennis and have captured everyone with their spectacular performances in the grass courts.