Wimbledon Open Winners and Runner-Ups (Male)-From 1989-1980

Boris Becker, Wimbledon 1985

Wimbledon has a history of challenging competitions and one of the prime examples is the era of 1989-1980, when the title went into the hands of United States, Sweden and Germany. This era ended the victorious journey of Bjorn Borg, a Swedish Tennis Player who was highly ranked amongst the professional tennis players’ names in history. Other top names include John McEnroe and Boris Becker who won the title 3 times in this era. Boris Becker became the youngest man ever to have won Wimbledon championship in 1985. He was just 15 years old when he raised the coveted silver trophy on the centre court. Boris Becker is also the first German ever to have won the title, along with being the first unseeded player to do so. Boris took three hours and 18 minutes to defeat South African Born American Kevin Curren to win the Wimbledon Championship. Boris won the Wimbledon championship again in the following year and then for the third time in 1989. His attacking style of tennis based on massive and dramatic serves and diving volleys defined the tennis game for men for many years. McEnroe not only won 3 Wimbledon titles but he also brought style and charisma to centre court. He was often booed upon for his extreme and inexcusable behavior but he was loved for his delicacy and tough mind which he showed in his game.

The list of male winners and runner-ups of Wimbledon Open tennis championship during 1989-1980 is as follow:

Year 1989-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1989: Boris Becker
  • Runner-up (male)-1989: Stefan Edberg

Year 1988-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1988: Stefan Edberg
  • Runner-up (male)-1988: Boris Becker

Year 1987-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1987: Pat Cash
  • Runner-up (male)-1987: Ivan Lendl

Year 1986-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1986: Boris Becker
  • Runner-up (male)-1986: Ivan Lendl

Year 1985-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1985: Boris Becker
  • Runner-up (male)-1985: Kevin Curren

Year 1984-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1984: John McEnroe
  • Runner-up (male)-1984: Jimmy Connors

Year 1983-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1983: John McEnroe
  • Runner-up (male)-1983: Chris Lewis

Year 1982-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1982: Jimmy Connors
  • Runner-up (male)-1982: John McEnroe

Year 1981-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1981: John McEnroe
  • Runner-up (male)-1981: Bjorn Borg

Year 1980-Wimbledon Open

  • Winner (male)-1980: Bjorn Borg
  • Runner-up (male)-1980: John McEnroe

Top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open Tennis titles

Top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open titles

Almost all sports are ruled by a particular player or team for a brief period. Football was ruled by Brazil for a long time, cricket by the West Indies, golf by Tiger Woods, squash by Jansher Khan of Pakistan, etc. All these players or teams not only represent themselves, but also their countries. In the same stance, tennis has been ruled by greatest tennis players from one nation for a long time. By and large, players from the United States have been successful in winning the most tennis Grand Slam titles. The Australian Open for males has also been ruled by the American players so far. The United States of America has always produced the best tennis players of all time. They have dominated all the courts including the Australian Open, hence winning the leading number of titles. In the past decade and more, Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player however has been able to win the Australian Open titles. 

Most of the Australian Grand Slam titles have been won by Americans up to now. Including the United States, here is a list of the top ten countries who won the most male Australian Open titles:

1)      United States (15 titles)

2)      Australia (7 titles)

3)      Sweden (6 titles)

4)      Switzerland (4 titles)

5)      Czech (3 titles)

6)      Argentina (2 titles)

7)      Germany (2 titles)

8)      Russia (2 titles)

9)      Serbia (1 title)

10)   Spain (1 title)

The top ten countries to win the most male Australian Open titles clearly indicates that the United States and Australia have been dominating this Grand Slam for ages. And now we see a difference in trend as Nadal and Djokovic are the new emerging players, claiming the Australian Open titles.

Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open Tennis titles

Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open tennis titles

Greatest female tennis player Margaret Smith Court has ruled the female Australian Open world, winning 11 titles for her native country, Australia. Even then, the United States of America is leading the title run of female Australian Open titles. One strange fact about this Grand Slam is that famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova of the USA, who was known to rule the tennis world, won only 3 titles in the Australian Open. However, many tennis players from the USA have been able to make names for themselves in the Australian Open event. The present winner of the Australian Open women’s title is Serena Williams, who also won the doubles tournament in the Australian Open 2010, hence making America’s rule inevitable. Here is the list of top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open titles:

1)      United States (15 titles)

2)      Australia (10 titles)

3)      Germany (4 titles)

4)      Yugoslavia (3 titles)

5)      Czech (2 titles)

6)      Switzerland (3 titles)

7)      Russia (1 title)

8)      Belgium (1 title)

9)      Britain (1 title)

10)   France (2 titles)

Famous female tennis player Serena Williams of the USA is in her full swing and performance which indicates bright chances of America ruling the female Australian Open title for many years to come. William sisters have shown tremendous potential at the hard court and have owned the Australian Open with their exclusive play. America is known for producing the best of tennis players. Every era had a leading American tennis player which now includes Serena and Venus Williams. Although Serena is having a rough time with her fitness and injuries but she is still managing to be extremely competitive and challenging the opponents with her aggressive play. 

Most tennis titles Won by Country

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Most tennis titles Won by Country, Tennis balls

Tennis has been a game that has welcomed every player with several different origin background. However few of the countries have ruled the game of tennis by producing absolutely brilliant tennis players over the time. USA is the top ranked country in Wimbledon history with the highest number of titles in both men and women singles. The country has a total of 86 titles. In men’s singles, USA has won 33 titles so far, whereas in women’s singles, the country claimed 53 titles. USA’s Pete Sampras has won seven titles. He won them in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Among women, Martina Navratilova won 9 titles in 1978, 1979, 1982-1987 and 1990.

In the second position are the British Isles with a total of 61 titles among which 32 were claimed by men and 29 by women. Australia is number three with 26 titles of which 21 were claimed by men and 5 by women. France is the fourth with 14 titles, 7 each being claimed by men and women. Germany is number fifth with 12 titles. Women claimed 8, whereas men did only four.

At number six is Great Britain with 10 titles, seven claimed by women and only 3 by men. Sweden and Switzerland have claimed 7 titles so far. Sweden’s titles are all claimed by men where as one of the Swiss title was claimed by a woman. New Zealand’s men have claimed 4 titles for their country so far. Spain has won 3 titles: 2 by men and one by a woman. Slovakia, Netherlands, Croatia and Egypt have one title each that were all claimed by men. Czech Republic and Russia have won one title each by their women.

In all, men have claimed 123 titles for their countries and women did 116.

Famous male tennis players: Tommy Haas

Famous male tennis players: Tommy Haas

Famous male tennis player Thomas “Tommy” Haas is a German professional tennis player who has currently lost his ranking in ATP rankings due to continuous injuries. He started to play his version of tennis at the small age of two and at the age of five he won his first youth tournament. He was such a good talent that well-known tennis guru, Nick Bollettieri offered him a place at his tennis academy for free and Haas moved to Florida at the age of thirteen. His best record at a Grand Slam event is the semi-final of Wimbledon in 2009. He has won a Silver Medal in 2000 Olympics playing for his home country, Germany. Year 2010 went bad for Tommy Haas as he suffered through many injuries which hampered his performance considerably, limiting his winning streak.

German tennis player, Tommy Haas is an all-round all-court player with a versatile style of play. He has the ability to play powerful ground strokes from both wings and plays powerful volleys with the ability to transit to the nets. Tommy Haas has no particular style of playing but he adjusts his game according to the game of his opponent. The biggest strength of Tommy Haas is his powerful one-handed backhands that are amongst the best in world tennis. He also plays good forehand shots. But, his inability to perform consistently and mental stability costs him games rather than technical difficulties. Tommy Haas is considered to be the hottest tennis player due to his stern body and hot looks.

The history of ATP Tour

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The history of ATP Tour

Tennis has come a long way since open era and ATP has been one of the highlighted stories. The Association of Tennis Professionals or ATP as it is more commonly known was formed in 1972 to act as a custodian of the rights and interests of male professional tennis players from all over the world. The women players have their own association which goes by the acronym WTP. It formed a computerized system to manage the player rankings and determine the entry of different players in different tournaments. The ATP is responsible for conducting all the tournaments in a particular year and also ranks the tennis players according to their performance in a calendar year. The ATP tour is basically a compilation of all the tournaments which are going to be played in a year. The various tournaments included in this are the Grand Slams, ATP World Tour Masters 1000, ATP World Tour 500 series and the like. Apart from the mainstream opens, the ATP Tour also organizes the World Team Cup which is played in Dusseldorf every year in the month of May. It also holds the Blackrock Tour of Champions for seniors. The players who have garnered points through the year due to their performance in the various tennis tournaments held in the year are allotted rankings in the year-end Master’s Cup. They are seeded as per their performance.