Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open Tennis titles

Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open tennis titles

Greatest female tennis player Margaret Smith Court has ruled the female Australian Open world, winning 11 titles for her native country, Australia. Even then, the United States of America is leading the title run of female Australian Open titles. One strange fact about this Grand Slam is that famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova of the USA, who was known to rule the tennis world, won only 3 titles in the Australian Open. However, many tennis players from the USA have been able to make names for themselves in the Australian Open event. The present winner of the Australian Open women’s title is Serena Williams, who also won the doubles tournament in the Australian Open 2010, hence making America’s rule inevitable. Here is the list of top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open titles:

1)      United States (15 titles)

2)      Australia (10 titles)

3)      Germany (4 titles)

4)      Yugoslavia (3 titles)

5)      Czech (2 titles)

6)      Switzerland (3 titles)

7)      Russia (1 title)

8)      Belgium (1 title)

9)      Britain (1 title)

10)   France (2 titles)

Famous female tennis player Serena Williams of the USA is in her full swing and performance which indicates bright chances of America ruling the female Australian Open title for many years to come. William sisters have shown tremendous potential at the hard court and have owned the Australian Open with their exclusive play. America is known for producing the best of tennis players. Every era had a leading American tennis player which now includes Serena and Venus Williams. Although Serena is having a rough time with her fitness and injuries but she is still managing to be extremely competitive and challenging the opponents with her aggressive play. 

Top ten female tennis players of French Open

Top ten female tennis players of French Open, Suzanne Lenglen

French Open Championship is held in Paris, France and is one of the celebrated tournaments in the world. The French Open tennis has got immense popularity and is trailed by a large number of the people throughout the world. French Open tournaments are always played on the clay court which calls for an extra edge over the game as it is not an easy affair to win the tournament in a clay court. The court lowers the ball and increases the bouncing capacity of the ball thereby making it an absolutely swift game. It has been very well proved that winning a French Championship tournament will greatly influence the tennis players’ career as it is measured to be a tough game in contrast to all other tournaments in tennis. Since the ball bounces with great speed the player tennis must be really good to spot the turn of the ball and should be prepared for any surprise moves. The top ten famous female tennis players in French Open Championship are listed below:

  1. Chris Evert
  2. Steffi Graf
  3. Suzanne Lenglen
  4. Margaret Court
  5. Françoise Masson
  6. Kate Gillou
  7. Justine Henin
  8. Jeanne Matthey
  9. Helen Wills
  10. Monica Seles

On the whole, the French open tournament is considered to be one tournament that requires a big deal of physical actions. The players need to have a total direction over themselves and the field and requires being remarkably quicker upon which the triumph of the championship lies. This elite group of greatest female tennis players have established their courage in clay court games and in turn have imprinted their way to the Championship positions that they hold today. The commitment and the kind of enthusiasm and fervor they showed towards the game have brought them to be in the list of top ten championships of all times in the sturdy game of French Open Single’s Championship.

History of French Open-Ronald Garros

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History of French Open-Ronald Garros
The history of French Open could be traced back to year 1981 when the very first tournament was played and won by Briggs. At that moment, it was not an international tournament. In year 1897, Women Singles Championship was introduced.In the city of love, Paris, the most physically demanding tennis tournament, French Open is played every year. Known also as Roland Garros and being the premier clay court tournament, it is played between late May and the earlier week of June for two weeks. Although the clay court provides a surface for slow game, this championship has been entertaining the tennis fans all over the world with sensational matches.

The dry and slow clay surface has given tremendous players like Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert, Justine Henin, Rafael Nadal and many more
to the tennis fans.In the year 1925, Roland Garros was made open for all the competitors. After the French Open was recognized internationally, the legendary player Bjorn Borg showed his magic in tennis world and claimed his sixth title in the year 1981. In Women’s Singles, Chris Evert mesmerized the women tennis world with her game and won seven titles, which is a record held by her till date. The only player to win titles closer to Evert was Steffi Graf who became the winner six titles.

In the chase for the French Open King, Rafael Nadal has made his mark by claiming 6 French Open titles, equalling Borg’s record and is expected to do magic in the coming years. However in the current era, no women tennis player has been able to dominate the clay court comprehensively. 

Most tennis titles Won by Country

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Most tennis titles Won by Country, Tennis balls

Tennis has been a game that has welcomed every player with several different origin background. However few of the countries have ruled the game of tennis by producing absolutely brilliant tennis players over the time. USA is the top ranked country in Wimbledon history with the highest number of titles in both men and women singles. The country has a total of 86 titles. In men’s singles, USA has won 33 titles so far, whereas in women’s singles, the country claimed 53 titles. USA’s Pete Sampras has won seven titles. He won them in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Among women, Martina Navratilova won 9 titles in 1978, 1979, 1982-1987 and 1990.

In the second position are the British Isles with a total of 61 titles among which 32 were claimed by men and 29 by women. Australia is number three with 26 titles of which 21 were claimed by men and 5 by women. France is the fourth with 14 titles, 7 each being claimed by men and women. Germany is number fifth with 12 titles. Women claimed 8, whereas men did only four.

At number six is Great Britain with 10 titles, seven claimed by women and only 3 by men. Sweden and Switzerland have claimed 7 titles so far. Sweden’s titles are all claimed by men where as one of the Swiss title was claimed by a woman. New Zealand’s men have claimed 4 titles for their country so far. Spain has won 3 titles: 2 by men and one by a woman. Slovakia, Netherlands, Croatia and Egypt have one title each that were all claimed by men. Czech Republic and Russia have won one title each by their women.

In all, men have claimed 123 titles for their countries and women did 116.

The Indianapolis Tennis Championship

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The Indianapolis Tennis Championship

The Indianapolis Tennis championship is a tennis tournament which is played every year as an integral part of the ATP tour. The name of the tournament has been changed to Indianapolis Tennis championship from RCA Championships. It is a men’s tennis tournament which is played annually in July for a week. The initiation of this tournament was in 1988 when it was played as the US Men’s Hard-court Championships. After this, the surface on which this tournament used to be played changed as also did the name. It was rescheduled during the course of the year so that it became a warm-up for the international male tennis players before the last Grand Slam of the year, the US Open. The tournament came into existence when the Indianapolis Sports Centre decided to merge their 18 clay courts which with Deco-Turf II which is the same surface on which the US Open is played. The previous editions of the Indianapolis Tennis tournament has caught the attention of almost all the leading male tennis players and Giles Simon from France managed to win the last edition of the same in 2008. There are some tournaments which get a lot of attention in tennis circuits although they are not grand slams. This tournament is one of the list. 

Grand Slam: The French Open tennis tournament

Grand Slam: The French Open tennis tournament

One of the major tennis tournaments which are played in the beautiful city of Paris, France, is the French Open. It is one of the tournaments which is covered under the Grand Slam tourney and is played over a period of two weeks from mid-May until the beginning of June. The French Open is the second Grand Slam in tthe calendar year and it comes after the Australian Open which is played in January. The French Open is the most popular of all the Grand Slam events and enjoys a huge viewership among all the other Grand Slams. A reason for this might be the fact that it considered by many as the most grueling and taxing of the tennis tournaments.

The French Open is played on clay courts which are slower than hard courts. This leads to more hard-work for the players as they have to make their own pace for the ball to travel. The current world no.2 Rafael Nadal enjoys his tennis out here as is evident from the fact that he has been the reigning champion for the last four years in a row. An interesting bit of history tells us that for a period of 3 years from 1945-1947, the French Open was played after Wimbledon, making it the third Grand Slam of the year.

French Open Tennis at the Roland Garros

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French Open Tennis at the Roland Garros

The French Open is the second tennis Grand Slam played in a year after the Australian Open. It is also known as the Roland Garros tennis tournament because of its official name in French which is Les Internationaux de France de Roland Garros. Roland Garros is also the name of the stadium where the French Open is played. It is held over a period of roughly two weeks during the second part of May/into the beginning of June. Roland Garros tennis is totally different from the rest of the Grand Slams because of the stark contrast in the nature of the tennis courts or the surface on which the game is played. Most players find the nature of the court to be slow and difficult as compared to the hard, grass courts in which the ball travels a lot faster. There are many tennis champions who have excelled at all the other Grand Slams but have failed to show the same finesse at the Roland Garros tennis tournament. Pete Sampras and Roger Federer would be the two names which spring up the fastest in recent times. The reigning champion over here for the past four years is the current no.1, Rafael Nadal.