The greatest tennis rivalries: Pete Sampras vs Roger Federer

The greatest tennis rivalries: Pete Sampras vs Roger Federer

One of the best comparisons of tennis history can be between the greatest players of all time, Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. Looking at their career records, their career achievements are almost same. The biggest edge that Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has is that, he is still continuing his career where as Sampras got retired in 2002. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament where Sampras has an edge over Federer, other than that, Federer has either equaled or had broken record in rest of the three tournaments. Although these two players never really got the chance to play against each other that often but Federer by breaking all possible records of Sampras turned it into a rivalry. Over all performances of both the players are somewhat same yet proving the great capabilities of both the players to the maximum. Here is some general information about Pete Sampras and Roger Federer:




Date of Birth:

August 8, 1981

August 12, 1971



United States

Career Singles Titles:



Career Doubles Titles:



Turned Pro in:



Career Prize Money:

$56.9 million

$43 million

Career record (singles):



Highest ranking (singles):



Career record (doubles):



Highest ranking (doubles):




Sampra’s career statistics:


Federer’s career statistics:

Sampras claimed 14 Grand Slam titles whereas Federer claimed 16 Grand Slam titles. In Federer’s 16 titles marathon, he won a French Open title as well which Sampras failed at achieving. One of the noticeable things about this French Open title is that Federer won this title to break the grand slam title record of Sampras. No wonder Federer is known as the King Federer.


Famous male tennis player: Roger Federer

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Famous male tennis player: Roger Federer

There is no need to introduce the world’s greatest tennis player who has won the highest number of Grand Slams (16) in the entire history of the world of tennis. The 29 year old Swiss tennis player, Roger Federer has proved his metal by making an appearance in twenty two Grand Slam finals, winning 16 of them. He also holds the record of reaching twenty seven Grand Slam semi finals and 23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals. Roger Federer is one of six players who have won all the Grand Slams in their career.He held the ATP No.1 rank for record 237  consecutive weeks. Federer has won a record 6 ATP World Tour Finals and 18 ATP Masters Series. He also won the Olypmpic Gold medal in doubles with his compatriot Wawrinka at the 2008 Summer Olypmic games. 

The Swiss legendary tennis player Roger Federer has one more record of reaching to ten consecutive Grand Slam finals and reaching the finals of seventeen out of the last eighteen Grand Slam tournaments. According to experts, he has nothing to prove now as he has shown his capabilities. For such a great achievement, the greatest tennis player Roger Federer has been awarded with the World Sportsman of the Year for four (2005-2008) consecutive years. Roger Federer has been also named in the list of top 100 important people of the year by Time Magazine in 2007. In 2009, Roger Federer has been named as ITF male tennis player of the year. Recently, Roger Federer has been named the second most reliable and trustworthy person, only second to Nelson Mandela.

Although Federer has lost his top rank and grand slam title deficient, but his achievements and respect in the world of sports are pouring in!

Famous male tennis player: Andy Roddick

Famous male tennis player: Andy Roddick

Famous male tennis player, Andrew Stephen Roddick or Andy Roddick as he is known is a former World No. 1 tennis player who hails from America. He is currently ranked 11th in the world tennis circuit as per the latest ATP rankings. He reached the top of his game in 2003 when he won the US Open. Since then he has managed to reach three tennis Grand Slam finals, only to lose to Roger Federer each time. He has the distinction of being the only tennis player apart from Roger Federer to finish in the top 10 for a consecutive period of 7 years. USA tennis player, Andry Roddick holds the record of winning the most number of games in Wimbledon 2009 (39).

Andy Roddick is best known in the tennis world for his powerful serve and equally potent tennis volley. He has recorded the fastest serve in men’s tennis to date at a speed of 155 mph or 249.5 kmph. He has also the done USA proud by winning the Davis Cup in the 2007 season by defeating Dimitry Tursonov of Russia in the finals. A string of injuries have forced him to take regular breaks from professional tennis which have been instrumental in his slide in the rankings.

Andy is however still known for his top notch serve that can scare sweep of his feet. Andy Roddick is considered to be one of the hottest tennis player and is a heart throb of every woman tennis fan. He is married to famous model Brooklyn