Famous female tennis players: Steffi Graf

Famous female tennis players: Steffi Graf

The 41 years old, 5 ft. 9 inches tall, right handed famous female tennis star Steffi Graf was born on June 14, 1969 in West Germany. Starting her professional career in 1982, Steffi retired in 1999 after grabbing a lot of career titles both in singles and doubles. Achieving the highest ranking of no. 1, Steffi claimed 107 singles titles making her land no. 3 in WTA’s all time ranking. She made a record by staying no. 1 for 377 weeks, the longest time any male or female player did in doubles; she claimed 11 doubles titles, too. She has got a great number of Grand Slam wins too: 22 out of 56 Grand Slams tournaments she participated in.

Apart from her big, record-breaking career, Steffi is an extremely gorgeous and good looking lady with perfect body and figure. A lady whom, famous male tennis player Andre Agassi, world’s former no. 1 American tennis player, fell for during a combined match at the French Open in 1999. Later, both married in 2001. They are among the top ten famous sports couples.

Even though now Steffi is a mother of two children, a son named Jaden Gill and a daughter named Jaz Elle, she still has a perfect athletic body and a super fit figure. At 41 years of age, she still has toned abs and trimmed legs. She says that age never meant anything to her; besides, when you have children, you don’t know how time passes. Laurie Hugh even wrote a song to her “I Am in Love with Steffi Graf”, starting with her “beautiful diamond eyes and twisted golden hair” and ending on “Steffi is an angel who folds her wings and walks like you and me.

Steffi Graf: Famous female tennis players

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