Equipment of Tennis

by on October 28, 2009
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Equipment of Tennis

Tennis can be played indoors and outdoors all year round and is the most popular sport of both leisure and competition. The only equipment required for beginners is a racket and balls. More information on rackets, balls and miscellaneous equipment is listed below:


Tennis rackets have a neck join circular frame that holds tightly pulled strings by column and row order and can be held by the handle. In the first century the first rackets were made of wood and the strings were made of animal gut. In later years, we have developed rackets using carbon graphite, ceramic and light metals such as titanium to increase their strength. These products allow us to create more powerful over-sized rackets. The great achievement of introducing synthetic strings has ensured production of durable and powerful rackets.


Tennis balls are made of void rubber covered with a felt coating. In early years, tennis balls were white. The twentieth century has gradually changed the main color to Optic Yellow to allow for better visibility.


Better performance can be achieved through a variety of accessories. Racket handles can be modified with porous materials to enhance the grip for players. The strings can be modified for better feel through vibrations. Specialized tennis shoes can be used. They have wide, flat soles for grip to the court surface and a set-up front formation to avoid excess wear.