Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open Tennis titles

Top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open tennis titles

Greatest female tennis player Margaret Smith Court has ruled the female Australian Open world, winning 11 titles for her native country, Australia. Even then, the United States of America is leading the title run of female Australian Open titles. One strange fact about this Grand Slam is that famous female tennis player Martina Navratilova of the USA, who was known to rule the tennis world, won only 3 titles in the Australian Open. However, many tennis players from the USA have been able to make names for themselves in the Australian Open event. The present winner of the Australian Open women’s title is Serena Williams, who also won the doubles tournament in the Australian Open 2010, hence making America’s rule inevitable. Here is the list of top ten countries to win the most female Australian Open titles:

1)      United States (15 titles)

2)      Australia (10 titles)

3)      Germany (4 titles)

4)      Yugoslavia (3 titles)

5)      Czech (2 titles)

6)      Switzerland (3 titles)

7)      Russia (1 title)

8)      Belgium (1 title)

9)      Britain (1 title)

10)   France (2 titles)

Famous female tennis player Serena Williams of the USA is in her full swing and performance which indicates bright chances of America ruling the female Australian Open title for many years to come. William sisters have shown tremendous potential at the hard court and have owned the Australian Open with their exclusive play. America is known for producing the best of tennis players. Every era had a leading American tennis player which now includes Serena and Venus Williams. Although Serena is having a rough time with her fitness and injuries but she is still managing to be extremely competitive and challenging the opponents with her aggressive play. 

Tennis skills and techniques: Volley

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John McEnroe, Tennis skills and techniques: Volley

Tennis is a game of power, mental toughness and sheer skill where a player needs to learn each and every shot of the game in order to become a champion player. It is mandatory to learn all the shots of a tennis game in order to avoid the weaknesses that can explored by the opponent. Let us today learn about the art of volley, one of the easy winning shots of a game of tennis.

A volley is a shot that is played even before the ball bounces on the court. Generally, the volley is played from the net but there are many instances when the volley is played from the baseline or middle of the court. The general purpose of hitting a volley is to reduce the reaction time of the opposition player and there are less chances of getting a strong reply shot from the opponent. Another purpose is to avoid the bad bounce from the surface. There are several players that are known as serve and volleyers. They first serve the ball and play the return volley on the return of their serve. Tim Henman of Great Britain was one of best serve and volley players. If the shot is played on the rise of the ball (just after the bounce), it is known as a half-volley which is considered to be one of the very toughest shots in the game of tennis. John McEnroe was known to be the best half-volley player. In the present tennis players, Roger Federer excels at playing volley.