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Rafter, Hottest Male Tennis Players

Tennis and glamour have always been walking together hand in hand, season to season, continents to continents and their relation is tied up as twins.

It’s all about the lights of glamour and the game that turned the Swedish giant to a legendry profile Bjorn Borg, both in the court and to the media as one of the hottest male players of his era. German stars are not far away in this race, putting their profile in the list of hot shots through Boris Becker, whose name kept shining in the media faster than his rocket serve. Now a day’s glamour is so much into tennis that the legends are competing both in the circuit as well as in the media lights, and there is one angry star famous for his racket breaking, Marat Safin whose anger is more than the heat produced by the glamorous lights.

The profile of hottest tennis male players is incomplete without the Spanish bull Rafael Nadal known as “Rafa”, who has truly caught the eyes of millions around the world not only by his top game but also by his Biceps. Some say his biceps are stronger than the bulls horn followed by his country man Fernando Verdasco who couldn’t rule the circuit but is ruling the hearts of thousands of girls with his hotness.

Last but not the least, a name no one wants to miss is of the current world No. 1 from Serbia, Novak Djokovic, who has crushed all opponents in the current year and is also under the fashion lights which are constantly storming around him. Perhaps with his hot and cool attitude and sexy body, he no doubt is the icon of the hottest male tennis players of history. Any doubt? 😉

Greatest tennis rivalries: Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe

Greatest tennis rivalries: Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe

A classic rivalry of ice and fire exists between the two former world number ones; the Swedish Master, Bjorn Borg and the United States legend, John McEnroe. Both of them are two entirely opposite sports personalities, one famous for his cool and emotionless rhythm and the other for his heated temperament and for his harsh conversation during the match.

In the tennis history, two of the greatest ever matches, bloomed in the skies of their rivalry profile. The epic five sets of Wimbledon final of 1980 show the power of Bjorn Borg, and in the same year 5 set U.S Open final victory of John McEnroe was proven to be a true tale of gigantic victory followed by the hungry title seeking battle of revenge which later proved to have the haunted impact on John McEnroe career and eventually forced him to say that; “he never really recovered psychologically, nor could have been able to enjoy his tennis since that victory walked away from his hands”.

With 16 head to head encounters between the Swedish crown and the States genius, a close 9-7 head to head lead of Bjorn Borg, couldn’t be easier to reconcile the myth of the two former World Number Ones.

Famous female tennis players: Chris Evert

Famous female tennis players: Chris Evert

Chris Evert, a famous female tennis player, was born on December 21, 1954 in Florida. Due to her excellent tennis skills including two fisted backhand and poise on court helped Chris Evert became champion in 1974-1986. Chris Evert got her first limelight when she won over the top-ranked tennis player, Margaret Court. Chris Evert used to be calm and cool on the court which gave her the nicknames Ice Maiden and Ice Princess. During 1974-76, Chris Evert had a romance with famous male tennis player, Jimmy Connors which was enough to give her a celebrity status. In the era of late 70s, tennis fans enjoyed the rivalry of two best female tennis players, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova.

Chris Evert was considered as the female counterpart of tennis legend, Bjorn Borg as Evert holds the longest winning streak with 125 single consecutive titles on clay court. She was a versatile player who won all four grand slams and also set a record of winning the most US Open titles (6).

Chris Evert holds 157 singles titles, 8 double titles with 18 Grand Slam singles in her career titles. Other career highlights of famous female tennis player, Chris Evert are:

1)      Chris Evert won 7 French Open titles (1974, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1985 and 1986)

2)      Chris Evert won 2 Australian Open titles (1982, 1984)

3)      Chris claimed 3 Wimbledon titles (1974, 1976 and 1981)

4)      Evert claimed 6 US Open tennis titles (1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980  and 1982)

 Chris Evert enjoyed an intense rivalry against Martina Navratilova. Both these players ruled every court and faced each other either in the finals or semi-finals. The record number of French Open titles by Chris Evert is still an unbroken record.

Best male tennis players: Bjorn Borg

Best male tennis players: Bjorn Borg

Tennis history is filled with precocious championships and achievements but none has been as impressive as Bjorn Borg who in his brief career was able to play outstanding tennis. His seemingly emotionless personality no wonders had the right amount of zeal and dedication for this game. Famous tennis player, Bjorn Borg was born on June 6, 1956 in Sodertalje, Sweden. His fascination for tennis is routed to the tennis racket which is father won as a prize in a ping-pong tournament. Bjorn Borg was a player with endurance and great strength and had an unorthodox and distinctive style. Borg used to battle from the baseline along with ground strokes in long rallies. Although his serve was not very impressive at first but he somehow managed the game beautifully with his volleying throughout the game. Due to his excellent playing skills, Bjorn Borg became the youngest champion of his time at the age of 20 (later Boris Becker claimed this record by becoming the champion at the age of 17 in 1985). Bjorn Borg was known as the King of Clay as he holds the record of winning the most French Open titles. It took him sometime to settle at grass but he did so by winning 5 Wimbledon titles.

Some of the career highlights and record of Bjorn Borg are:

1)      Bjorn Borg won 62 singles out of 88 finals and four double titles including Masters of 1979-80.

2)      Bjorn Borg won six French Open singles titles (1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981)

3)      Borg won 5 Wimbledon singles titles (1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, and 1980).

4)      Bjorn Borg won Davis Cup in years 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979 and 1981. He holds the record of 37-3 single wins and 8-8 in doubles.

5)      Bjorn Borg played all four tennis Grand Slams with the following final win-lose statistics:

  1. Australian Open tennis championship (1-1)
  2. French Open tennis championship (49-2)
  3. Wimbledon (51-4)
  4. US Open tennis championship (40-10)

French Open winners and runner-ups (male)-From 1979-1970

 Bjorn Borg, French Open winners and runner-ups (male)-From 1979-1970

The era of 1979-1970 in French Open tennis tournaments has been a mix of different famous tennis players. Out of them, one of the greatest tennis players, Bjorn Borg won many French Open Championships. It was this era when Bjorn Borg showed tremendous grip on the clay surface and owned 4 tennis championship titles in the French Open. The other two came in the 80’s era, completing the 6 titles for Bjorn. Bjorn won the French Open titles for four consecutive years while winning the Wimbledon championship along as well. In addition to Bjorn, the other players that won the French Open championship are given below:

The list of male winners and runner-ups of French Open tennis championship during 1979-1970 is as follow:

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1979: Male

  • Bjorn Borg- Winner
  • Victor Pecci- Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1978: Male

  • Bjorn Borg: Winner
  • Guillermo Vilas: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1977: Male

  • Guillermo Vilas: Winner
  • Brian Gottfried: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1976: Male

  • Adriano Panatta: Winner
  • Harold Soloman: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1975: Male

  • Bjon Borg: Winner
  • Guillermo Vilas: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1974: Male

  • Bjorn Borg: Winner
  • Manuel Orantes: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1973: Male

  • Ilie Nastase: Winner
  • Nikola Pilic: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1972: Male

  • Andres Gimeno: Winner
  • Patrick Proisy: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1971: Male

  • Jan Kodes: Winner
  • Ilie Nastase: Runner-up

French Open Tennis winner and runner-up in year 1970: Male

  • Jan Kodes: Winner
  • Ilie Nastase: Runner-up

French Open winners and runner-ups (male)-From 2010-2000

Rafael Nadal, French Open winners and runner-ups (male)-From 2010-2000

The era of 2000-2010 in French Open tennis tournament has been much about Rafael Nadal, giving him a tag of Rafa-The Clay King. Along with him, some of the best male tennis players made their way as winners and runner ups of French Open during this time. The list of male tennis players who were the winners and runner-ups of French Open tennis championships from 2010-2000 is as follows:

Year 2010-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

Rafael Nadal won the 2010 French Open title after defeating Robin Soderling.

Year 2009-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

Roger Federer won his 15th Grand Slam by winning the French Open title 2009 after defeating Robin Soderling again.

Year 2008-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

The great rivals Federer and Nadal played against each other where Nadal won the title of 2008 French Open.

Year 2007-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

The rivalry continued for Federer and Nadal and Nadal being the clay King owned another French Open title.

Year 2006-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

The rivalry started from here between Nadal and Federer and continued for several years till now. Nadal won the year 2006 French Open after defeating Roger Federer.

Year 2005-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

Rafael Nadal defeated Mariano Puerta in 2005 French Open final to win the title.

Year 2004-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

Gaston Gaudio defeated Guillermo Coria to win the 2004 French Open.

Year 2003-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

 Juan Carlos Ferrero defeated Martin Verkerk to win the 2003 French Open title.

Year 2002-French Open Tennis winner and runner up

Albert Costa defeated Juan Carlos Ferrero to claim the French Open 2002 title.

Year 2001-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

Gustavo Kuerten again defeated Alex Corretja in the finals of French Open 2001.

Year 2000-French Open Tennis winner and runner-up

Gustavo Kuerten defeated Magnus Norman.

History of French Open-Ronald Garros

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History of French Open-Ronald Garros
The history of French Open could be traced back to year 1981 when the very first tournament was played and won by Briggs. At that moment, it was not an international tournament. In year 1897, Women Singles Championship was introduced.In the city of love, Paris, the most physically demanding tennis tournament, French Open is played every year. Known also as Roland Garros and being the premier clay court tournament, it is played between late May and the earlier week of June for two weeks. Although the clay court provides a surface for slow game, this championship has been entertaining the tennis fans all over the world with sensational matches.

The dry and slow clay surface has given tremendous players like Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert, Justine Henin, Rafael Nadal and many more
to the tennis fans.In the year 1925, Roland Garros was made open for all the competitors. After the French Open was recognized internationally, the legendary player Bjorn Borg showed his magic in tennis world and claimed his sixth title in the year 1981. In Women’s Singles, Chris Evert mesmerized the women tennis world with her game and won seven titles, which is a record held by her till date. The only player to win titles closer to Evert was Steffi Graf who became the winner six titles.

In the chase for the French Open King, Rafael Nadal has made his mark by claiming 6 French Open titles, equalling Borg’s record and is expected to do magic in the coming years. However in the current era, no women tennis player has been able to dominate the clay court comprehensively. 

Top 3 Wimbledon Record Holders – Men

Top 3 Wimbledon Record Holders - Men, Federer_Borg_Laver_Sampras

Wimbledon has been ruled by many classic and magnificent legendary and famous tennis players over the years. The records have been set in single, doubles and mixed titles in Wimbledon. Few of the records have been surpassed by the new generation players with energy and passion, while other records are still maintained in Wimbledon. The top three male tennis players who ruled the Wimbledon grass are William Renshaw, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.

William Renshaw is the greatest tennis player who made his mark by winning seven Grand Slams of Wimbledon. Due to Renshaw’s outstanding performance, this era was referred to as ‘Renshaw Rush’.

Pete Sampras, an American tennis player, along with winning 14 Grand Slams, claimed seven Wimbledon single titles and leveled Renshaw’s record. Sampras was included into the 2007 class of the International Tennis Hall of Fame on July 17, 2007 due to his exemplary play.

Swiss best tennis player Roger Federer, known as the King Roger is the best player of the new generation as he has been able to record 16 Grand Slam wins comprising five Wimbledon wins as well. He secures the third place in Wimbledon records. King Roger has been able to level the record of Bjorn Borg by winning five consecutive Wimbledon Grand Slams.

Sampras still have many records which might be surpassed by a player like Roger in the future, as King Federer is the master when it comes to the grass court. In the recent time, Djokovic has made his way into best players and won the Wimbledon title, breaking down the winning streak of Federer. 

Winner of most French Open consecutive men’s singles titles

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Nadal and Borg, Winner of most French Open consecutive men's singles titles

Hey! He won it again? He defended his title. He is a class. He is a Clay King. Ever heard these jargons around? Definitely yes. Winning the four Grand Slams of the year alone is worth appreciating but keeping a consistent performance in one of the Slam events sure requires a talent which very few players have. When it comes to clay, things get tough for the players as the friction clay produced for the ball makes it harder to play big serves and extra effort is required in it.

Garros is the only event which does not have a tie-break in the last set and players have to play games unless they break off serve. So winning such a tournament consecutively is quite an achievement. Let’s have a flashback to know who are those legendary players that have won the Garros title consecutively the most.

Era before 1968

Before the year 1968, Garros title has been won consecutively by four players and those are:

• Frank Parker won in two consecutive years of 1948 and 1949.
• Jaroslav Drobny won the two consecutive titles in years 1951 and 1952
• Tony Trabert won the two titles in years 1954 and 1955
• Nicola Pietrangeli claimed the two Garros titles in years 1959 and 1960.

Era after 1967

The era after 1967 on Garros has been pretty much for Bjorn Borg who won four consecutive titles in years 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981. Boy, oh boy! He sure is a legend.

After Bjorn, the only player to claim the Garros title the most times consecutively is Rafa who has been called the King of Clay in the present time. He won the consecutive titles in years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

The young lad skipped the year 2009 due to injury or he might have broken the records of Bjorn by winning fifth consecutive Garros title. But Nadal still has time to make new records and rock the clay court.

Three cheers for these legendary players!

Most men’s singles titles winners on Roland Garros

Most men's singles titles winners on Roland Garros, Nadal and Borg

While Garros 2010 is becoming thrilling day by day, sneak peak in to the past legendary players sounds tempting. Many of the new tennis stars are making new records or leveling the existing ones. The prominent names in the battle of conquering the new records are Roger and Nadal. In Garros 2010, both the players have ample records in basket for them. Few of them have been set and few are still to be conquered. The battle on beautiful clay is heating up!

To cool down the heat, why not have a flash back into the legendary players who have been rocking the Garros land with their marvel drop shots, serves, back hand, fore hand, aces and celebrating styles. So come along and have a flashback.

Men since 1981 have been performing at their best and few names have been recorded in the history with their never ending glory. One such category is the maximum titles won by men on Garros. The era starts since 1981 and goes like:

Winner of most men’s singles titles

Before 1925 on Garros

Before 1925, it was Max Decugis who won eight Garros titles from 1903-1914. But the French Open had a club level and the event never opened for the armature players.

From 1925-1967 on Garros

During this time, Henri Cochet won 4 Garros titles which also included the World Hard Court Championship.

After 1967 on Garros

After 1967 till date, only Bjorn Borg has been able to claim 6 Garros titles. Borg has been called the King of Clay for that reason.

You might be wondering that who could break the record of Bjorn Borg and become the Clay King of this generation. Of course it’s none other than Rafa who has already claimed 6 Garros Grand Slam titles and equal to Bjorn. 

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