Greatest tennis rivalries: Boris Becker vs. Stefan Edberg

Greatest tennis rivalries: Boris Becker vs. Stefan Edberg

One of the most interesting but underrated rivalry was between Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg. They both were serve and volley players but were opposite in their temperament on the courts. Becker stormed into the world of tennis by being the youngest Wimbledon champion and had a extraordinary serve along with powerful backhand and superb running forehand. He was an entertainer on the court whereas Stefan was a reserved and delicate tennis player and hardly showed any such outrageous emotions on the court. Edberg excelled at playing volleys and had huge kick serve. Due to calm temperament, Edberg showed great sportsmanship and ‘Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award’ is a testimony to it.

Head-to-head match stats of 35 times of German tennis player Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg has made their rivalry visible to the world of tennis. Becker led the table 25-10 while on the other hand Edberg won three out of four meetings in the biggest test of Grand Slams. Both of them had won the career Grand Slam titles six times each, with both failing short to win the French Open. Also both the players have won the Australian Open two times each, showing rivalry more precisely in terms of title winnings. Here is some general information about the two players:



Date of Birth:

January 19, 1966

November 22, 1967





6′ 2″

6 ft 3 inch

Career Singles Titles:



Career Doubles Titles:



Career Prize Money:

$20 million

$25 million

Career record (singles):



Highest ranking (singles):





Career statistics of famous tennis player Boris Becker:

Career statistics of famous tennis player Stefan Edberg:



Famous male tennis player: Boris Becker

Famous male tennis player: Boris Becker

Few players have ever taken Wimbledon by storm like the famous male tennis player, Boris Becker did in 1985 when he was only seventeen years old. Winning the title that year took a lot of people by surprise, including those who’d been favored to win. German tennis player Boris Becker was not only the youngest tennis player ever to have achieved the title at Wimbledon, but also the first unseeded and the first German player ever to accomplish the feat.

I seriously doubt too many people took him seriously at the outset, but as the tournament progressed, more and more tennis experts were taking note. His signature maneuver, a huge serve, earned him the nickname “Boom-Boom”. His play was aggressive, diving and throwing himself into the grassy surface to make volleys immediately endeared him to fans. His heavy forehand and deadly serve return also played major roles in his rise from obscurity to superstardom.

While many considered that first Wimbledon win a flash-in-the-pan, he shut the mouths of those detractors by coming back in 1986 to repeat his dominance on the grass courts of Wimbledon.

During the period stretching from 1985 through 1993, Boris Becker as never out of the top ten and in January of 1991, he became the world’s number one male tennis player after winning the Australian Open. At Wimbledon, he enjoyed victories against such rivals as Ivan Lendl, Kevin Curren and, of course, his long-time rival, Stefan Edberg. In Edberg’s defense, he did best Becker for two titles, one in 1988 and another in 1990.

Boris Becker’s last visit to Center Court at Wimbledon came in 1989 on the heels of a win at the US Open. Boris Becker’s amazing career leaves a legacy of promise to young tennis players everywhere. He proved that, if you are good enough, you don’t need to be a ranked player to win at the biggest tournament in tennis.