Tennis Masters Roger Cup, Montreal: The Trivalry returns!

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Tennis Masters Cup, Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Andy Murray

They are back. Yes, the trio Djokovic, Federer and Nadal along with other top tennis names return to play the Tennis Masters Rogers Cup in Montreal. Although names like Robing Soderling, Andy Roddick and David Ferrer have pulled out of the biggest prize tournament of Canada but the tennis spectators will enjoy the greatest trivalry of greatest tennis players Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. As per the draws, following matches or clashes can be expected in the Montreal Tennis Masters Rogers Cup:

1) Serbian tennis player Djokovic, the current No.1 tennis player might face Nikolay Davydenko in the second round and Juan Martin Del Potro in the third round before a competitive match with Gael Monfils in the quarters.

2)      Del Potro will have to play Marin Cilic and Nieminen and win against them to play against Djokovic.

3)      For Monfils to face Djokovic, he will have to deal with American tennis player John Isner and Viktor Troicki.

4)      Andy Murray might face Kevin Anderson in the second round before coming on to Wawrinka who defeated Murray in the US Open 2010 however Wawrinka will play his first round match with Nalbandian.

5)      The king of clay, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal seems to be in least trouble as he would be opening against Chardy of Dodig before going on to Fernando Verdasco in the third round and then playing Tomas Berdych or Gilles Simon in the quarterfinals.

These are the predictions only as the Trio can be vulnerable to any upset while playing in the Rogers Cup 2011. Stay tuned for live action, scores and updates from August 6, 2011.

US Open Winners and Runner-ups (Male) – from 2010-2000

Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick, US Open Winners and Runner-ups Male, from 2010-2000

US Open is one of the four tournaments of Grand Slam. The ultimate ruler of this era is beyond doubt Roger Federer, from Switzerland, yet winning the title five consecutive times from 2004-2008, which makes him the ultimate ruler of this era. Other prominent name is of USA tennis player Andy Roddick, who won the title back in 2003 and was runner up in 2006. The current U.S Open champion, a famous Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal is also in the list of U.S Open top players.  Another big name which has started dominating the circuit is of the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. The list of male winners and runner-ups of U.S Open Tennis Championship during 2010-2000 is as follow:

Year 2010-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2010: Rafael Nadal
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2010: Novak Djokovic

Year 2009-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2009: Juan Martin del Potro
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2009: Roger Federer

Year 2008-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2008: Roger Federer
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2007: Andy Murray

Year 2007-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2007: Roger Federer
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2007: Novak Djokovic

Year 2006-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2006: Roger Federer
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2006: Andy Roddick

Year 2005-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2005: Roger Federer
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2005: Andre Agassi

Year 2004-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2004: Roger Federer
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2004: Lleyton Hewitt

Year 2003-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2003: Andy Roddick
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2003: Juan Carlos Ferrero

Year 2002-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2002: Pete Sampras
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2002: Andre Agassi

Year 2001-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2001: Lleyton Hewitt
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2001: Pete Sampras

Year 2000-U.S Open Tennis

  • U.S Open winner (male)-2000: Marat Safin
  • U.S Open runner-up (male)-2000: Pete Sampras

How to serve like Andy Roddick?

How to serve like Andy Roddick?

The hottest tennis player, Andy Roddick, is famous for his strong serve. Famous male tennis player Andy Roddick holds the record for serving the fastest serve with a speed of 149mph.Since then, no other tennis player has been able to break Andry Roddick’s fastest serve record. Anyone would love to serve like hot Andy Roddick. The tips to serve powerfully like tennis player Andy Roddick are the following:

1)      Andy Roddick’s serve comes from a strong base. You should begin with good practice tactics by putting your weight on the front foot by keeping it an angle of 45-degrees to the baseline.

2)      Toss is the most critical part of a good serve. The tennis experts advise the players to hold the balls by using all five fingers with their tips. The beauty of Roddick’s serve is that he shifts the majority of his weight into his back foot and releases the ball with his arm extended fully upwards. During this action he makes sure that he tosses the ball in front of him slightly. After this, he throws his racquet behind him, arches his back and bends his knees while transferring his weight to the front foot.

3)      Roddick’s physical strength allows him to create immense power in throwing actions. Roddick swings the ball from low to high and uses both of his feet for jumping forward along with ball. Roddick makes sure that he hits the ball at the peak of his toss to generate more power in his serve.

4)      The power in Roddick’s serve comes from the largest groups of muscles: the hips, legs and shoulders. Allow your body weight to throw forward when striking the ball and do not take your eyes off the ball.

Facts and information about Australian Open Tennis 2006-2007

Facts and information about Australian Open 2006-2007, Federer vs Gonzalez

Year 2007 was a surprise as Gonzalez made his way into the final against Federer, where the King Fed won the championship (his 10th Grand Slam title). Year 2006 was again the year of Federer where he got emotionala fter receiving his trophy from Australia’s greatest player Rod Laver.

A look into the 2006-2007 Australian Open could be concluded in one post. Some of the incidents worth highlighting and information about Australian Open 2006-2007 are as follows:

1)      In the 2006 Australian Open, Razvan Sabau, Filippo Volandri, Mariano Zabaleta and Marcos Daniel retired from in the first round.

2)      In the 2006 Australian Open, 7 Australian tennis players, 12 American tennis players and 2 British tennis players participated. Among these, only nine players managed to progress into the second round and four to the third round.

3)      The 2006 Australian Open tennis championship was won by greatest tennis player Roger Federer. It was his seventh career Grand Slam title.

4)      In the 2006 Australian Open tournament, 34 tie-breaks were played.

5)      The defending champions of the 2007 Australian Open title were famous female tennis player Amelie Mauresmo and best male tennis player Roger Federer. Amelie won her first Grand Slam title in 2006 at the Australian Open event.

6)      In the 2007 Australian Open, only two Australian tennis players (Wayne Arthurs and Lleyton) and one Australian player (Alicia Molik) made their way to the third round. Nearly 10 Australian tennis players lost in first two rounds of the 2007 Australian Open.

7)      The 2007 Australian Open saw record tie-breakers in first round of men’s title. Among the players, hottest male tennis player Andy Roddick won the longest tie-break against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga by 20-18.

Facts and information about Australian Open Tennis 2004

Facts and information about Australian Open Tennis 2004, Roger Federer

In tennis, it can be interesting to reflect on past events. Many notable occurrences take place within a particular Grand Slam. There are certain facts and records that are overlooked by many of us but they do make for interesting parts of the tournament. Australian Open is one such grand slams that has offered several different records, events and facts that will definitely interest any avid tennis fan.

Here is the information and facts detail about Australian Open 2004:

1)      Names previously unknown to tennis fans, Nenad Zimonjic and Elena Bovina won the open mixed doubles title of the 2004 Australian Open.

2)      Fabrice Santoro and Michael Llodra won the 2004 Australian Open doubles title for the second year, beating the Bryan brothers in the final.

3)     Famous female tennis player Amelie Mauresmo withdrew from the 2004 Australian Open quarter final while she was among the top ten female tennis players at that time.

4)      Three American famous female singles tennis players Lindsay Davenport, Lisa Raymond and Chanda Rubin made their way into the Round of 16 of Australian Open 2004.

5)      Four American men singles tennis players Andy Roddick, Robby Ginepri, Andre Agassi and James Blake reached the Round of 16 in the 2004 Australian Open.

6)      Justine Henin-Hardenne, being the top seed player in 2004, won the third Grand Slam, i.e. Australian Open 2004 after defeating Kim Clijsters.

7)      Russian male tennis player Marat Safin snapped the 26-match win streak of Agassi at the Australian Open by defeating Agassi in the thrilling semi-final of Australian Open 2004.

8)      Among the top ten seeded male tennis players in 2004, Carlos Moya withdrew before the the 2004 Australian Open event.

Most aces by a male player in the Australian Open Tennis

Most aces by a male player in the Australian Open Tennis

The ace is the most exciting and beautiful serve played in tennis. Aces tend to remain unreturned because the opposing player does not touch the ball at all and therefore loses the point. Aces are seen on the first serve of a play as a tennis player can use full strength while serving, hence leading to an accurate ace. In the current tennis game, players now prefer playing from the baseline which means less of aces, volleys and drop shots. This has significantly decreased the aces as their are big winners. In addition to this, you get to see more of longer rallies with very few aces. However the history is full of ace records as tennis great names Sampras, Agassi and many more have won their games based on their aces. 

Greatest tennis player Goran Ivanisevic is famous for 1,477 maximum aces in the entire tennis season of 1996. After him, famous male tennis player Ivo Karlovic was leading until John Isner made his way with the record of 112 aces during the longest match in tennis history. This record was set in Wimbledon. However, the top ten leading male ace scorers of Australian Open are:

1)      Joachim Johansson (51 aces )

2)      Gilles Muller (47 aces)

3)      Chris Guccione (45 aces)

4)      Andy Roddick (42 aces)

5)      Bryan Shelton (40 aces)

6)      Goran Ivanisevic (39 aces)

7)      Roger Federer (39 aces)

8)      Feliciano Lopez (39 aces)

9)      Pete Sampras (37 aces)

10)   Julien Boutter (37 aces)

Among these names, hottest male tennis player Andy Roddick holds the record of serving the fastest ace as well. These players have entertained tennis fans with fastest and most beautiful aces.

Aces Records in One Match – Men’s Singles

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Isner and Mahut, Aces Records in One Match - Men’s Singles

Tennis fans surely know what an ace is. For those of us who do not know, an ace is when during a game, a point is scored after a player serves the ball correctly and so strongly that the opponent doesn’t even have a chance to touch it. Not all the tennis players have the potential, the art of making a point through an ace. It requires correct positioning and timing. When our favorite player hits aces during the game, he not only makes it interesting, but also a fun and treat for us to watch.

Many players have set records for aces. The top ten record holders from 1991 to June 23, 2010 have Ivo Karlović on the top with 78 aces that he scored against Radek Štepanek in a five set semifinal of the Davis Cup. He holds the second record, as well, with 55 aces against Lleyton Hewitt in a five-set first round match of the French Open. J. Johansson achieved the third spot in the aces ranking when he hit 51 aces against Andre Agassi in a 4-set match of the fourth round at the Australian Open. Again it’s Ivo Karlovic who stands fourth with 51 aces hit against Daniele Bracciali in a five-set Wimbledon match. Roger Federer is ranked fifth with 50 aces against Andy Roddick in a 5-set Wimbledon final.

The list goes on with Richard Krajicek the sixth with 49 aces against Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Gustavo Kuerton the seventh with 47 aces against Daniel Nestor, Ivo Karlovic the eighth with 46 aces against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Goran Ivanisević the ninth with 46 aces against Magnus Norman and Mark Philippoussis is the tenth with 46 aces against Andre Agassi.

Ivanović’s record was broken last Thursday, on June 24 by John Isner and Nicolas Mahut with 112 and 103 aces respectively.

First Serve, Second Serve

First Serve, Second Serve, Schultz-McCarthy

A tennis player picks a ball, takes it into the air and hits it diagonally into the opposite service box to start a point. Yes! It is the tennis serve which starts the game for a player. A ball needs to cross the net and fall on the opposite service box. It’s all good as long as the ball crosses the net. Having a good serve is the biggest advantage for players as it helps them to get a hold of their game and not give it away easily. The fastest serve record has been made by Andy Roddick who served at 249.5 km/h (155 mph). In women’s tennis, Venus Williams and Brenda Schultz-McCarthy scored the fastest serve at a speed of 209 km/h (130 mph).

There are many different styles of serves which are played in tennis. The most common are the first and the second serves. Along with them, flat serve, slice serve, topspin serve, topspin slice serve, and American twist serve are typically played in tennis. Let’s have a look into the technicality of the first and the second serve.

The rules are no different for the first and the second serve, only the tactics differ. The first serve is all about the power, deception, and skill the player has in striking the ball, either by pushing the opponent in the disadvantageous zone or out-righting him/her. This creates a chance for winning the point. The second serve usually pops up after the double fault, which forces the player to hit with higher curve or less power. Typically, this is not the most favorite serve for the tennis players.

Simple difference, isn’t it? Players like Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Goran Ivanisevic, Roger Federer, and Pete Sampras are few of the players with powerful first serves.

Top Aces Stars

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Top Aces Stars, Ivo karlovic

Don’t you just love it when one of your favorite tennis players ends the match, set or a game with a serve which remains untouched by the opponent? Have you got any clue what that serve is? Yes! It’s the ace which does the job so quickly and accurately. Not every player has the potential to put the ace on a right spot and score the point. Scoring aces at maximum makes it easier to avoid long games as the game points could be won without playing multiple strokes. There are many records which have been made in serving the most aces. Few are listed below:

Goran Ivanisevic, a Croatian tennis player served the record aces during a year, numbering to 1477 in the year 1996.

Ivo Karlovic broke his own aces record in a match of Davis Cup against Radek Stepanek, where he served 78 aces out of which 77 were served on 1st serve. The interesting fact is that Karlovic lost the match even after the tie-break and setting a new ace record.

Andy Roddick holds the fastest ace record when he served an ace of 155 mph (~294 km/h) in a match against Vladimir Voltchkov in Davis Cup 2004.

Sam Querrey hit the record of ten consecutive aces against James Blake in Indianapolis Tennis Championships quarterfinal.

Interesting records were hit by the players in different ways. It’s always a treat to watch a game full of aces as it sure is a different flavor of the game.

Support your player and keep a close eye on their aces. You never know who makes a record!

Best Tennis Players – Male and Female

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Best Tennis Players – Male and Female, Roger Federer and Steffi Graf

In the long history of men’s and women’s tennis, there have been lots of great players who have contributed a lot to tennis and with that they have won many tournament and Grand Slams by putting the best game of tennis on display for the fans. With many legends in the game, it becomes hard to decide who are the men and women players in both categories. No one can overlook the legendary players like Sampras, Agassi, Stefan, Becker, Courier, Mats Wilander, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert etc but the list eventually narrows down to few names that  have made a never ending impact on tennis audiences. 

According to our analysis in the field of history here we have given description about best tennis players in the history of world tennis.

This place in the men’s category is undoubtedly taken by none other than current world number one Roger Federer who has won fifteen Grand Slam tournaments which is a record in itself. He has shown the sheer skills of tennis while he won Wimbledon as his fifteen Grand Slam tournament by defeating Andy Roddick of U.S. in five sets. He also holds the record winning all the four Grand Slams.

In the category of women, this place is won by Steffi Graf who has won twenty-two singles Grand Slam titles, which is second highest after Margaret Court. In 1988, she became the one and only player to win all the four Grand Slam titles as well as Olympic gold medal in a calendar year which established her as the best ever female tennis player.

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