How to play tennis like Andre Agassi?

How to play tennis like Andre Agassi?

One of the greatest tennis players, Andre Agassi is the tennis players who won all four Grand Slam titles in tennis. To accomplish such a feat you need to have a wide range of skills and talent. If you desire to play like famous male tennis player Andre Agassi then develop and practice the following skills:

1)      You need to hone your talent. Agassi possessed amazing eye and hand coordination in the history of tennis. Agassi was one player who could return the winners by returning the half volleys from the baseball. You can also practice this talent. In case you have a solid forehand down the hall, you can use it to your advantage. Agassi’s game was usually built around his baseline strokes.

2)      Even though Agassi’s game was very powerful, he wasn’t able to maintain his shape. When Agassi’s tennis ranking fell, he took the services of Gil Reyes to maintain his shape. The better your physical condition is, the better you will be able to play. Keep your reflexes and focus in control along with physical fitness.

3)      Play maximum percentages. Although Agassi had amazing talent in playing shots from off the ground, he never based his play on these shots. As the court is wider, the ball would travel in the lower parts of the net which would make it less apt to go out. This overall will create big points. Try to play shots with topspin.

4)      Always play your best shots. Agassi had the talent of returning serves. You need to know what your best shot is.

Top ten male tennis players with the most Australian Open titles

Federer, Agassi, Top ten male tennis players with the most Australian Open titles

The famous Melbourne Park in Australia arranges the Australian Open event every year in the closing weeks of January. Since 1988, the Australian Open has been played on hard courts. One of the most prominent features of Australian Open is the retractable roof in the two main courts of the Hisense Arena and Rod Laver Arena. The Australian open has been a stage to greatest tennis players who have set records in this grand slam. Not every tennis player enjoys success on hard court, especially players who are masters of the clay surface. Sampras, famous for numerous records, wasn’t able to show his convincing skills on the hard court of Australian Open which definitely showed his limitation. However American Agassi and Swiss Federer with their 4 Australian Open titles depicted their excellent grip on hard court as well. 

The top ten best male tennis players with the most Australian Open titles are as follows:

1)      Kenneth Robert Rosewall

2)      Roy Stanley Emerson

3)      Mats Wilander

4)      Andre Agassi

5)      Roger Federer

6)      Rafael Nadal

7)      Rod Laver

8)      Stefan Edberg

9)      Jim Courier

10)   Ivan Lendl

These best tennis players have been successful in winning the most titles in the Australian Open.  Among these stars, Roy Emerson is leading with his record of six Australian Open titles, which is still to be conquered by second-leading tennis star Roger Federer with four Australian Open titles. Stefan Edberg and Jim Courier were famous for their hard court performances and managed to win the Australian grand slam too. However, Roy is the only name that has been successfully ruled the Australian Open championship. 

Top ten male earners of tennis-All time

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Top ten male earners of tennis-All time, Agassi, Becker

It is no secret that tennis has attained a greater height in terms of compensation in the past few decades. The game which was initially offering rewards and trophies had taken a refreshing turn and included prize money. The prize money differs from tournament to tournament. Now, the winners are presented with a trophy and a huge amount of prize monies. Also, the games popularity has opened the tennis players to a wide range of earning options such as modeling and advertising. Champions in tennis have earned a lot through advertising and some even act as brand ambassadors for some of the famous global companies. Since the tennis champions have a huge fan following, these companies and agencies benefit widely from their popularity and are ready to pay a good sum of money in order to get their assent. They display an impeccable style and sense of brilliance not only in the game but in  their social lives. It comes as no surprise that these men are the favorite lot among the people. Some of the top male earners of tennis are given below. The list is on the top ten earning male tennis players throughout tennis:

  1. Roger Federer
  2. Pete Sampras
  3. Rafael Nadal
  4. Andre Agassi
  5. Boris Becker
  6. Yevgeny Kafelnikov
  7. Ivan Lendl
  8. Stefan Edberg
  9. Goran Ivanisevi
  10. Michael Chang

If you watch closely, you will find that these men are champions with extraordinary energy and drive and have created a huge fan base for their drive and enigma. Some of these men have already retired from tennis  but are still found in the top ten slots. They are definitely worth their stuff and they deserve to be in the top male earners in the tennis arena.