Male tennis players who are Best at Hard Court

Male tennis players who are Best at Hard Court, Andy Roddick, Andy Murray and Roger Federer

Tennis is a game of sheer skill, mental and physical toughness, and true effort of an individual. The game of tennis is played on different kind of courts and according to the court type, domination of players differs. It is observed that a player like Roger Federer is a champion at grass court whereas Rafael Nadal is good on clay. But, let us look at the players that are good at hard court or hard surface. The indoor tournaments offer hard surfaces along with Australian Open and US Open. Not every player has the potential to perform well on the hard court. 

Currently, Andy Murray is considered to be the best amongst the male players at the hard court with his best showings on hard surface. Andy has managed to win most of his games on hard court.

Juan Martin Del Potro is number two with his major career title on this surface. He defeated Roger Federer in the 2009 U.S. Open to win the maiden Grand Slam of his career and since then he has impressed in games on hard court.

Roger Federer is a champion player and he has also shown his abilities on hard court with winning major titles like the Australian and U.S. Opens several times. Even though, he hasn’t shown the best of results on hard surfaces but has managed to show strong skills.

Andy Roddick is another player who has shown his strong skills on a hard surface by winning the major title of the U.S. Open. Due to the hardness of the court, this surface suits him best with his natural attacking game.

Famous male tennis player: Juan Martin Del Potro

Famous male tennis player: Juan Martin Del Potro

Famous male tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro is a professional tennis player from Argentina who is ranked number 26th in world tennis who is currently the highest ranked Argentine player. Del Potro reached his highest ranking of five in April, 2009. He had won his first four titles of his career in four tournaments which is a unique record in the history of world tennis. He has achieved the second longest winning streak after Rafael Nadal to win 23 consecutive matches in five tournaments. Del Potro won his first career Grand Slam title in 2009 at the U.S. Open where he defeated the greatest tennis player Roger Federer, who was also ranked number one then. He became only the second Argentine tennis player and world’s fifth youngest tennis player to achieve a U.S. Open title. But his Wimbledon career is not as good as other Grand Slams as he hasn’t gone past second round there. Year 2010 went unfortunate for Potro due to his right wrist injury which kept him out of action.

Argentinian tennis player Del Potro is an offensive baseline player who has a powerful serve and plays flat and fast ground strokes. The forehand strokes are his best strength as he can play them at speeds of over 100mph. Another shot played effectively by him is his double handed backhand. Even after being the tallest player (6’6”) in the history of tennis to win a Grand Slam title, he is a great mover on the court. His height gives him an ability to deliver a powered first service and returns of top spin balls.