Social Support of Tennis

by on October 28, 2009
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Social Support of Tennis

Social support is needed in order to succeed in tennis. There is a huge amount of pressure on successful players and often they can be challenged with setbacks and misfortune.

Social support involves maintaining a connection with other people and creating a social relationship with them. Emotional and helpful support as well as help and direction support are two forms of social support. Players look for help when they are under mental pressure. It is a good idea to get help from friends and get the required social support. Some suggestions to get the social support you need follows:

  • Sensitive issues should be shared with close friends or expert counselors.
  • Other problems may be shared with your social group or team.
  • Offer support to other people in your life by listening and they will gladly return the favour when you are in need at another time.
  • Alternative social networks away from your activity can provide huge stability and can help ease away from sport into another career. Many athletes become severely distressed when departing from their sport.

Tennis players have the highest sociability. Tennis players develop positive personalities due to this social support. This is one reason they are so dearly loved and respected by the tennis lovers. 


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  1. Indeed! Tennis is a super social sport. It takes at least two to play (unless you love hitting it against the wall!) If you need over 23,000 tennis partners, come join us. Thanks for being a member Maira!

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