Six Tennis Players Most Famous for Their Beauty

You enjoy watching a great tennis match, but you certainly enjoy it even more when you like what you see. There are players who are more attractive than others, and we have made a list of most good looking tennis players.

Klara Koukalova

Klara Koukalova – This Czech player made its Grand Slam debut in 2003 when she beat fellow qualifier Maria Sharapova in the first round of Australian Open. She defeated Monica Seles during the same tournament, but, unfortunately, didn’t use that and never made a more significant tennis result, with her top ranking being No. 20 in 2013. When it comes to beauty, many rank her as No. 1 on the list of pretty tennis players.

Fabio Fognini – He still didn’t make top 10 on the ATP ranking, but Italian is one of the handsome tennis players out there. US Open champion of 2015 Flavia Pennetta shares this opinion, as she has been in a relationship with Fognini since 2014.

Caroline Wozniacki – When you watch matches Karo plays, you enjoy her beauty and her style. She might not always be on top of her game, but she was No. 1 on the WTA ranking list in 2010, and even played two US Open finals, which she unfortunately lost, so she is still without a Grand Slam title.

Fernando Verdasco – Next on the list of pretty tennis players comes from Spain. Verdasco was in top 10 in 2009, and although he never played a Grand Slam final, he was always regarded as a quality tennis player. He used to date next person on our list.

Ana Ivanovic – Beautiful Serbian moved the ladder up when it comes to ranking handsome tennis players. Aside from being pretty, she knows how to play, she won Roland Garros in 2008 and used to be first on WTA ranking.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer – He is the perfect combination, not only he made tennis pretty, but his place is among pretty tennis players. However, he was always focused on the court, while off the court his heart has been taken by Miroslava Vavrinec, with whom Federer is married has two beautiful twins.

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