Roger Federer married Mirka

Roger Federer married Mirka

Roger Federer married Mirka (Miroslava) Vavrinec of Slovakian origin on April 11, 2009 after an eight year long relationship with her. A month earlier, both had announced that they were expecting their first child. Federer announced his wedding on his official website that evening, quoting it to be a beautiful spring day.

The wedding was a small ceremony held at his hometown in Basel, Switzerland. 39 guests attended the wedding. Mirka wore a white empire dress, while Federer wore a three piece black suit. Mirka’s wedding ring was made by her father who is a goldsmith. At the reception, Swiss dishes were served and the celebration went on until after midnight.

They sold 12 of their wedding photos to Schwiezzer Illustrierte, a Swiss magazine. The money was donated to Roger Federer Foundation, an organization that helps the children with good athletic abilities but are financially poor. It also does relief work in Africa. The editor in chief of the magazine says that he maintains good relation with Federer’s family for years. On July 23, 2009, Mirka gave birth to twin baby girls named Charlene Riva and Myla Rose.

Mirka is four years older than Federer, yet they share an inseparable bond. Mirka, like Roger, was a tennis player. She was among the top 100 women once. They both met in 2000 Olympics at Sydney. In the Olympics, they were both representing Switzerland. She retired due to a foot injury and since then, she has been working as Federer’s public relations manager. Their marriage has been successful just like Federer’s career and Mirka is always beside her husband in every match!

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