Popular Tennis Player Todd Christopher Martin

Todd Christopher Martin

Todd Christopher Martin had an iconic status in the tennis world, born on July 8th, 1970 in Illinois, Unites States of America. Todd Martin started his tennis career in 1990 and within a short span of time he proved himself as a world class tennis player by winning his first single titles in 1993 at Coral Springs, Florida. Martin speeded up with marvelous improvements and was named the ATP’s most progressive player in 1993. His sportsmanship spirit made him won Sportsmanship Award in 1993 and 1994, and was made President of ATP Players Council for consecutive four years since 1995-99. In his tennis career, he won 5 doubles and 8 singles and stood on 30th position on world’s highest ranking on April 26th, 1996 in doubles and on 4th position on September 13th, 1994 for his singles.

Todd Martin accomplished Davis Cup in 1995. He had an exciting tennis career in which he confronted some of the perfectionists bravely and throughout his career he played four Grand Slams and won two Grand Slams in his tennis career, one at US Open in 1999 and second at Australian Open in 1994.

Todd Martin was the one who thought out of the box and showed that his passion for tennis was not limited to his tennis achievement but he kept on developing new ways for tennis lovers and founded “The Todd Martin Development Fund” in 1994. Through his programs he started giving new ways to youth to make them more productive and a responsible human being.

Todd Martin excelled in his tennis career and was awarded as the best male come back player in 1999, but finally took retirement in 2004. He is compassionate about his skills and showed his love for tennis in his coaching and became a former coach of Novak Djokovic and Mardy Fish and simultaneously worked to motivate and educate top tennis juniors.

All his life Todd believed in “Becoming a sportsman is more than improving your skills. Learn to craft your talent as well as your mind.” And his fellow players and friends see Todd as a perfect blend of professionalism and perspective in his own way and believe in making things meaning full.

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