Popular Tennis Player Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson was a Swedish tennis player who made his mark from his days as an amateur player. He reached the final of Orange Bowl as a junior player. He was ranked World No. 10 in 1993. The same year he started playing pro tennis. His pro career was more successful compared to his career as junior pro. He won 9 singles titles and 1 doubles title during his career. His famous victories include 1999 Canada Masters and 2002 Australian Open. When he won Grand Slam in Australian Open, he became the only Swedish player to win the tournament since 1992. He quickly climbed the rankings and achieved World No. 7 by 2002, which turned out to be his best.

Johansson could not play tennis from 2002 to 2005 due to a knee injury. When he made his comeback, he reached semi-finals in Wimbledon before losing to in-form Andy Roddick. Johansson also suffered an eye injury in 2006 which made it hard for him to train well, resulting in an average year overall. However, despite the injury, he won his first doubles in Bastaad the same year. He won an Olympic silver medal in doubles in 2008 and finally retired in 2009.

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