Popular Tennis Player Roy Emerson

Roy Emerson

Roy Emerson, an Australian tennis legend, won 28 Grand Slam titles in his career. He won 16 of them in men’s doubles while the remaining 12 came in men’s singles. Before Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, Roy was the only player to have won 11 Grand Slam titles. Players and critics consider Roy as the greatest player of all the times.

Emerson started his winning journey in 1959 with his first Gran Slam win in Wimbledon. A year later, he grabbed another two Grand Slams, one in Australian Open while the other one in US Open. He beat tennis legend Rod Laver to win both the titles.

Emerson won 55 matches in 1964 without losing anything at all. His winning streak gave him a win loss record of 109-6, which is considered the best in a year by any player. Although he wasn’t able to win French Open that year, he did win another three Grand Slams.

Emerson won Australian Open six times, which is a record. No other player has even done that. Out of these six titles, Emerson won five consecutively from 1963-1967. For this achievement alone, Emerson is thought of as the greatest tennis player ever to play Australian Open. Emerson also won his first French Open during these years.

Emerson had an amazing serve. His volley was also deadly. His fitness levels were so amazing that he continued playing for long without having any kind of an injury. Also, his physical fitness helped him to grab victories on different surfaces including the hard court.

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