Popular Tennis Player Rosemary Casals

Rosemary Casals

Rosie Casals or Rosemary Casals was born on the 16th of September, 1948 in San Francisco, California. She and her sister were bought up by their great uncle and great aunty. When she grew up, her uncle took her to the San Francisco tennis courts where she took training. Her coaching classes were further carried on by Nick Carter who was also the teacher to many of the junior players. She was considered to be a motivating force that bought in many changes in the tennis world during the 1960’s and 1970’s. There are many of these changes that made the tennis world what it is today.

She earned her reputation being a rebel in tennis when she started her professional career in the 1960’s. Her career was expanded over 20 years in which she won 90 tournaments. She also worked for the betterment of women’s tennis. In the year 1966, she got teamed up with Billie Jean King in the doubles title and succeeded in obtaining the title of indoor and hard-court tournaments. In the same year, both the partners reached the quarter finals of the women’s doubles title at the Wimbledon tournament and the partners managed to win the doubles titles at Wimbledon, the South African and the United States championships. The two ladies dominated the women’s doubles for years and became the most successful duo in the tennis world. Moreover, the team also holds the title to win the U.S doubles title on clay, grass, indoor as well as on hard surfaces. As an individual player, Casals maintained a successful career and was ranked to be the 3rd best tennis player among U.S ladies.

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